Friday, 19 June 2015

Happy Midsummer!

I'm celebrating Midsummer by staying home and catching up with chores, and sewing! I love light, and Midsummer time in Finland is simply magical when then sun barely sets. It's customary to work some Midsummer spells with flowers and herbs while naked, so I thought this might be the perfect time to post this wonderful picture Kari Vuorio took of me. It's edited to be more decent, so you are spared of seeing a nipple ;P I'll get back to sewing my copper-orange bodice now, so I can show you pics with more clothes on later ;D


  1. So pretty <3 You're such an inspiration!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I felt a bit shy about posting this pic, but everyone has said such wonderful things! I have the best readers :)

  3. OMG!! *-* You're so beautiful...
    I love this photo sooooo much!! <3

  4. You are so pretty!! Loved it!!

  5. "Iltateet väärään kurkkuun"

  6. this is stunning, you look beautiful! happy midsummer!


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