Monday, 17 July 2017

Ruki's Challenge

I was reading a blog post on one of my favourite blogs, Pin The Fuck Ups (in Finnish only, sorry!), when I was really surprised that out of all the blogs they had challenged me to do a post on the story of my blog! PTFU is a lovely blog, full of feminism, wittiness, gorgeous pictures and often commenting on topics that are interesting to me. I consider myself a feminist, and in the same fashion as what PTFU does, meaning that I want to promote equality of different ethnicities and genders. Some feminist texts can be very boring, even if they are important, but I love PTFU's playful and happy take on the subject.

So, on to the challenge! I decided to do this in English, since it suits my blog best that way.

Why did I start writing a blog? The short answer is to document and show off my make-up projects. I fell in love with indie make-up and enjoyed taking photos and writing reviews of the products. Putting on make-up felt much more rewarding when I could take a picture to remember it by, and not just try to remember what I used and where. I had also just purchased my brother's old camera and was taking photos of EVERYTHING and needed a place to put them in ;D

The long answer is that I enjoy projects, am a highly visual person and like to document what I do. I work in the games industry, where looks really don't matter, and since my line of work as a game designer mostly includes writing tables and instructions, I needed a way to express my visual creativity. Compiling posts with pictures and text is satisfying and gives me sense on completion. I NEED creative hobbies and blogging nicely combines all of the things I like: writing, photographing, documenting projects and showing off nice stuff I make or own. I don't draw or paint much these days, but I use all the knowledge I have of colours and textures to do make-up looks. Make-up is just as varied and interesting and any paper, canvas and media. An eyeliner is just a different type of pen, you can draw on paper or skin.

My favourite projects are outfits for events or festivals. I love to sew, do crafts and just combine things in my closed in new ways. Creating complete outfits, with clothing, accessories, hair and make-up all working well together is very satisfying for me. Then documenting these creations with a camera is what I want to do. I want to look at pictures and remember what worked, what didn't, and what was happening in my life when I was working on the project. At work the projects I work on are long, 2-3 years, so having quick cycles with visual things keeps me going.

When I started a blog, people warned me that people comments are often nasty. I haven't seen this happen. I've had the blog for over three years and can count the insulting comments with my fingers. My readers are lovely, comments are supportive and nice. I love you guys! So for anyone thinking of starting a blog, don't be too worried about the mob mentality on the web. Blog platforms have good tools for handling problematic commenters if something were to happen, and it's absolutely possible to have a blog that simply doesn't get nasty comments.

I do some commercial collaborations on the blog, but mostly I just write for fun. I enjoy it. And that's how I want to keep it. I have a job that I love, and blogging is my hobby. I don't want it to become another job.

What does the future hold for my blog? Hopefully more posts! I haven't been as active as before, but I feel the blog must follow my energy levels. If I'm tired or too busy, the blog needs to give. I enjoy writing a lot more when I'm not in a hurry, and the posts are better too, in my opinion. I just ordered a new lipstick and I have lots of other things to write about. So the future looks bright!

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