Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Storing A Ton Of Stockings

Today I took on the task of organizing my huge pile of stockings. They were all tangled up and I just used the top ones in the pile, because it I wasn't up for detangling stuff early in the morning when dressing. I did some googling and the best advice I found was to store every pantyhose in its own ziplock bag. So basically that's what I did. Bought a ton of bags and spent an hour neatly packing the 'hose. I put the bags in empty shoe boxes so I wouldn't have to put them on top of each other and risk ending up with a mess again.

I also got new batteries for the camera flash, so I had to take some pictures!
Tons of stockings. Also a kitty in the background.

Neatly arranged box of coloured pantyhose.

Bonus picture of today's make-up! I was very funny and wore Unity eyeshadow by Concrete Minerals to go to a Unity 3D workshop. Also on the eyes Chroma from the same company, and some Tako by Sugarpill. A random elf lipstick, can't remember the name.
Sorry about the powder on the eyelashes, it was late!

Closeup of the purple eyeshadow.


  1. What a fantastic idea using zip lock bags. Seeing as the majority of my tights (stockings/pantyhose) are black its even harder to find a specific design.

  2. I am beyond jealous of your stockings. D= Your face is so pretty. ^.^

  3. maybe you could do a segment about your hose? I see some fun ones that I'd never have the curage to wear. It would be nice to see how you incorperate them into your outfits.

  4. Sakara, I found the idea somewhere in the wide web, can't remember where! I thought to add labels to the bags so as to lessen the fumbling around to find solid black tights in the early morning hours, but I thought I'd try the bags out first and see if I like them.

    Luna, thank you!

    Trinity Designs, that's a great idea! As soon as there's more light so I can take decent full body pics, I'll try some outfits with different hosiery.


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