Saturday, 25 August 2012

Haul from Germany

I managed a quick visit to a DM store while in Cologne. I really like the German drugstores, they have a huge selection of cosmetics that are cheap compared to Finnish prices. They also have many brands that are not available in Finland. I went there mainly to get things that I didn't pack, like toothpaste, but luckily did some cosmetics shopping too because I didn't have a chance to visit the shop again, the schedule was so hectic.

Anyway, this is what I got! (In addition to the stuff for the giveaway)

A deodorant, cuticle oil, two nail polishes and two lip stains.
Forgot my deodorant, so I got a new one. This one by Nivea is designed not to stain clothes. I'm always worried about my collection of black dresses, so I go for the ones that promise to keep them neat. Works fine and doesn't have a strong scent, so I can still use perfumes with it.

P2 Pearl Crackling top coat Violet Fusion
I got this for the giveaway too, it just looked so pretty! I hadn't seen sparkly crackle polishes before, and this one was purple and gold, so I just had to get it! I tried it once, it didn't work very well on top of another glittery colour, but I'm sure a plain coloured polish with no shimmer would be great.

Essence Nail Art Special Effect! Topper in
Glorious Aquarius
I like glitter, and I like turquoise, so I couldn't pass this one by! It has turquoise glitter of different sizes, some shimmer silver or light turquoise, but a few have a coppery shimmer. The base is mostly colourless.

Essence Studio Nails Caring Oil
I didn't own a cuticle oil and wanted to try one, so I went with this one by Essence. It has a small doe-foot applicator to ensure quick and easy application. It has a pleasant fruity smell. I've only tried it once, and it made my cuticles soft and nice.

Catrice lipstains in Holly Wood and Red & The City
Gone2RehabBRB commented on my lipstain review that Catrice does nice stains, so I got two to test them. They cost around 4 euros, which is a really good price, and I like the colours. The red is nice and cool, and the brown makes my lips defined but still quite natural. I'm happy I got the brown one, because I've been wondering how the brown shades look, but even the cheapest stains in Finland cost 7 euros. I didn't dare to pay that much for something that might not suit me at all. Luckily the brown works fine on me!

I also got some contact lens solution, because it's way cheaper than in Finland, and a new hairbrush. Didn't take pics, since they were not so fab ;P I also bought a cream eyeshadow that I planned to put in the giveaway (forgot it from the pictures), but I didn't notice it was unsealed and some silly person had tried it. They did have testers, but still someone had wanted to try out another one. Well, I just scraped the top layer off and kept it, seems to work okay on top of primer!


  1. I have that turquoise glitter polish too :) its awesome - DM is a great shop and I love it... If you need something from DM, let me know - I am e weekly visitor at DM ---- and packing a little box and sending it to Finland, would be no big effort for me ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I might just have to send you an email later, since the new P2 things looked so nice! You are so kind :)

    2. you are welcome :) i think i will visit DM next week ;)

  2. do you have gel based deodorant in Finland? It's clear and you don't get that nasty white crap all over your clothes( or in your arm pits)I always tell the actors I work with to use it. That white crap is hard to get off clothes.

    1. I'm actually not sure, deodorants are pretty much uncharted territory for me. But the gel stuff sounds wonderful, I have to check if there's any available!

  3. Oooo! I have really want to try Essence nail polishes but I haven't seen anywhere that sells them in England! Also I am quite tempted by Catrice cosmetics after seeing them features in quite a few tutorials by Misschevious on Youtube.. again I have never seen them sold anywhere in England! Why is it that other countries always seem to have better drug store cosmetics.. especially America! ~♥~

    1. Finland has like the crappiest drug store cosmetics selection ever ;D Everything is super expensive, so I don't think most companies even bother selling the stuff that's cheap in other countries, because the crazy Finnish value added tax is so huge it would still be expensive here. One of the reasons why I love cheap plane tickets to Germany ;)

  4. Saksan drugstoret ON parhautta. Berliinin Gropius passagessa on hyvä drugstore ja loistavia goottikauppoja itä-puolella.


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