Friday, 21 June 2013

How To Do Syrup Nails (Easy Ombre)

I came across this manicure on one of the Facebook groups I belong to, and it looked so gorgeous I wanted to try it myself. I've tried to grow my nails, but one still broke yesterday even when I had been very careful :(

But on to the manicure, colourful nails always cheer me up! I used Sinful Colours Daddy's Girl, it's a purple jelly polish with some lavender glitter and shiny flakes. Since I had to google this up, I add that a jelly polish is nailpolish which is sheer. I think ones with glitter work well for this look, since the glitter particles help to hide the lines between layers.

1. Use a base coat if you like, or paint your nails with an opaque light colour to use as a base. If your jelly polish is very sheer, you might have your natural tips showing through a bit like I did. If that doesn't bother you, you can skip the base altogether.

2. After the base is dry, paint a rough tip with the jelly polish. You should leave the edges of layers rough to avoid having stripy nails. Ideally you should paint the nails so that you swipe the brush from the nail bed towards the tip to get the darkest colour close to the tip.

3. Wait for the tip to dry, then add a layer on top of it but closer to the nail bed. How many layers you can do depends on how sheer your polish is. Mine is usually opaque after three layers, so I'm aiming for three layers of gradient. In the last stage you will paint the whole nail so keep that in mind when deciding how to divide the nail for layers.

4. After the second layer is dry, add a third one in the same fashion. You can see here how my polish is pretty much opaque on the tips now after the third layer.

5. Fourth and final layer is added after the previous one is dry. When it has dried, you can gently pat polish on top if there are places that look too light. Keep in mind that adding polish always makes the colour deeper and darker, so be careful not to end up with spotty nails. If your nails look almost like you want them to, try adding a top coat before any touch-ups, because the top coat will soften the transition a little bit and might just be what your manicure needs. If you are unsure of your skills, avoid touch-ups and just go with the top coat.

6. All done! I applied top coat first, then did a few little fixes, and put on another coat of the top coat. The layers are quite thick at the tips of the nails, but look neat enough for me.


  1. Awesome! I have to give this a try for myself, I suppose it is kind of similar to an ombre manicure but this way of doing it looks far simpler! That nail polish is so pretty!

    1. I'm too impatient for ombres done with a sponge, I always get tiny bits of sponge in the polish and just give up. This one is much easier and you could even do this with a contrasting colour as base, I think :)


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