Sunday, 4 August 2013

Outfit of the Day

Yesterday evening my other half and I went out for few beers, since it was so nice and warm. I've been down with a slight cold and I'm going crazy just sitting inside (well, we do have Netflix and a huge bookcase, but I've watched all the episodes of Bridezillas and finished the book I was reading ;P) so I really needed to get out! Today is much better, I really want to be able to work with full efficiency on Monday because there's a lot of interesting stuff happening at the office. But on to the outfit, it was an excellent choice for having a few beers while sitting outside!

Dress - H&M
Cardigan - Nanso
Shoes - eBay
Bag - H&M

The cardigan is new, the Nanso shop downstairs from our apartment was having a sale and since I love flowy black things, this one found a new home in my cupboard. It was for half price and the material feels really nice, I'm hoping it will serve me well for many years. The front is open with draping fabric on the sides, and in the back there's a belt hidden on the inside, so it gives a nice waistline still. And I think the belt looks really nice as it adds detail to the front too! The shoes are from eBay, I got them in the spring.

I managed to add a Facebook widget on the blog (it was a pain!), so you can easily like the Facebook page to receive notifications of new posts to your newsfeed :)


  1. cute outfit and I'm liking your page right now.

  2. Looking good! I can't wait tll it's warmer here so I can wear little dresses again.
    Congrats on getting the FB widget working. I gave up! :/


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