Friday, 11 October 2013

Blog Meets are Surprisingly Fun!

Last Sunday I travelled to Hämeenlinna, a little over a hundred kilometers to the south, to go to a meet organized for Finnish beauty bloggers by Sonia from Tyttö ilman helmikorvakorua. I'd never met any of the other ladies there and was feeling a bit anxious, but everyone was so nice!

The ladies participating were from these blogs: Shiny nail artViilankantolupa, Adventures in SinilandiaMustaa Kajalia, Meikki monsterin maailmaSensaisti, One of Beauty's Daughters, Pieni nutturapääSinistä pintaa and Pakolliset - tai ainakin melkein.

We had tasty snacks, some sparkling wine and a make-up brush manufacturer and a hairdresser showing off products and teaching us how to use them.

A snap from the castle park.

We went for a walk to see the Hämeen linna castle. I've been there years ago, but it always looks impressive.
Note to self: don't wear flatforms when walking on cobblestones, it was tricky! ;D The lady from Duroy showed us her favourite products: four different brushes, lash comb and tweezers. The tweezers were killer for applying lash clusters! I liked one of the brushes, the flat top one, and we were lucky to get just that as a gift. I've been trying it out a few times and really like how smoothly it applies my BB-cream. The brush is called Unelma, a dream, and that's what it feels like on skin, so soft!

I think I need those tweezers, too.
I really liked spending time with other bloggers, I felt we had a lot in common and there's was this interesting effect that I felt like I kinda knew the people, because I read their blogs. I'm hoping to be able to come to future meets, too, to just sit down and spend the night talking :)

I had purchased my return ticket in advance, so just when I was about to leave, the hairdresser arrived. He quickly chose a few products for me and the other ladies who were leaving at the same time, and so far I think he got it just right. I got a shampoo and a conditioner by Fudge that have smoothing properties,  Tigi Glaze Haze that cuts down drying time and protects hair from moisture, and Foxy Curls by Tigi that should be good for curling my hair with a curling wand. I can't remember the last time I've been so excited to try a new shampoo ;D But these two leave my hair very soft and easy to manage, and the Glaze Haze seemed to make it smoother and dry it little bit faster. I haven't tried Foxy Curls yet.

And then there were the goodie bags with lots of nice products!

(I did forget the Duroy brush and a Leighton Denny hand cream from the picture)

A Denny Leighton nail polish, another on is a Fuzzy Coat by Sally Hansen. The Tweezerman nail file with a case looks like just what I need, since now I have a nail file both at home and at the office, but not one that I could carry with me. There's also a cream eyeshadow duo by elf and a sample Clarins mascara.

Clarins day cream and a gel face wash, elf lip gloss and a few Youngblood mineral make-up samples.
Fudge Smooth Shot shampoo and conditioner, and the tiny cardboard box hosts a Crazystick solid perfume.

The Foxy Curls bottle is so pretty, just my shade of purple!
This one shows the Clean Scene -facial scrub! I tried it, it had funny looking large particles that are the same colour as the bubbles on the tube. It's meant for ages 12-17, so it must make me look younger, right? ;P
So once again a big thanks to Sonia for organizing the meet, I had fun and I'd do it again any day! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I look forward to reviewing the products in details, but there's so much that it's going to take some time!


  1. Oli mukava tavata myös, meillä on jotenkin aina miiteissä ollut sellainen olo, että ollaan jo ihan tuttuja kaikki. :) Toivottavasti saadaan jossain vaiheessa miitti sinne sun kulmillesi, se ois kiva kaupunki myös.

    1. Ehkä mä vaikka jossain vaiheessa innostun ja järkkään vaikka itse miitin, ei Tampesteri kuitenkaan ihan niin kaukana oo onneksi :) Ja sentään pyörin aika usein pääkaupunkiseudulla, että toivottavasti päästään näkemään porukallakin uudestaan!

  2. Kuten jo hellin ja Sonia sanoi oli tosi mukava tavata. Aika vaan aina kuluu niin pirun nopeasti, höpöteltävää kun olis vaikka kuinka!

    1. Aika tuntuu aina loppuvan kesken kun on kivaa, mutta tosiaan oli tosi mukava tavata!


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