Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sephora Rouge Infusion Review

Lip stains are products that I love. I usually like to have some colour on my lips, but don't want to touch it up constantly, so any and all products that last a long time are perfect for me! The last time I was in Stockholm I popped to Sephora to get a few lipsticks, and found out that they had their own gloss stain product, called Rouge Infusion.

Sephora Rouge Infusion in Plum

Sephora Rouge Infusion in Plum

Rouge Infusion comes in a test-tube shaped vial with a doe foot applicator. The vial is shiny and made of black plastic, it looks very neat and classy. The product itself is a gloss that also stains, so when the gloss starts to wear off, you will still have colour on your lips. I chose a shade called Plum, as it looked like it could be purple based which I like. The shade selection was nothing to get excited about, mainly brownish reds. Very usable, easy shades, but I like purples more!

Doe-foot applicator in action!

Rouge Infusion is perfumed and has a berry scent to it, I'd say it's blackcurrant. A very sharp, crisp smell, not musty at all. The perfume fades away fast so you can only smell it when applying the lip stain.

On my lips the Rouge Infusion wears well, I can get 5+ hours of wear without having to reapply. It's also not drying like some long lasting products, thanks to the gloss. The colour is buildable, so once you re apply, the areas that had not lost the colour are a little bit darker. You can also apply two layers straight away to get a darker shade.

While Rouge Infusion is not smudge proof, the gloss can smudge, it stays very neat for a long time. Plum is not purple, it's a brownish dark red. A beautiful shade and very easy to combine with many looks.

An interesting titbit is that I also had ordered some Me Now Long Lasting Lip Glosses from Born Pretty. They have the exact same vial as the Sephora Rouge Infusion, but in a different colour. The packaging must come from the same factory. The product is not the same though, Me Now glosses, despite the name, dry to a matte, smudge-proof finish, where Rouge Infusion is more sheer and the finish is glossy. Upon close inspection the applicators are not identical, Me Now gloss has a longer doe foot tip than the Rouge Infusion.

Comparison of Sephora Rouge Infusion with Me Now Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Rouge Infusion in Plum is the same shade as Me Now Long Lasting Lip Gloss in 33, but because the products are so different, they are definitely not dupes. Me Now gives a matte finish and no staining, while Rouge Infusion has a glossy finish and leaves a stain when the gloss wears off.

Applicators side by side. Me Now gloss has a longer doe foot applicator than Sephora Rouge Infusion.

Close-up on the applicators.

+ Easy to apply
+ Stain stays even when the gloss wears off
+ Easy to wear shades
+ Not drying on lips


- Limited selection of shades
- Available only at Sephora

I like the Rouge Infusion, but it's not a Holy Grail for me. It's nice and works with many looks for a fairly natural but defined lips, so I keep it in my emergency make-up bag I carry with me. It's something I would wear to work but not for my evening or club looks.

It's been a long time since I had the time to do a make-up review post! Would you, my lovely readers, like to see reviews more often? I'm currently working on the finishing touches on my thesis, so I might soon have some time to do more reviews :)


  1. I would like to see you do more reviews. =D

    1. Good to know! Luckily I have a pile of stuff to review, so once my thesis is out of the way, I'll test a few products :)

  2. Nice colours. I like how the red running down the applicator looks like you are applying blood. (evil laugh) I don't know if I could use a gloss that stains as I don't always apply right on the first stroke and have to rub off around the corners.

    1. Haha, that might be a problem! The stain stays on for a few hours at least :)


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