Monday, 1 February 2016

Steamy Elevator

Last weekend my other half and I went to a steampunk themed birthday party. The evening included delicious cake, cider, punch and lots of friends. I didn't have lots of time to perfect my look, but I did take the time to sew in boning to my Victorian top and add a little decorative trim on the neckline. I'm not sure how much the boning really changes the silhouette, as I wear the top with a corset, but at least now it's done like the instructions say! I also shortened the hem a bit. Seems like a neverending job, as it was first too short, then I took apart the whole waistband and added length, then the hem was too long, and now hopefully it might be just right.

Here's some pictures taken in an elevator that suited the look well. I just popped on some goggles instead of the matching hat for the outfit to get a more steampunk-y feel.

In other news, my corset is finished aside from the eyelets. Magnus seems to be of the opinion that it's actually a cat bed.

And Tirri, who had five teeth removed but is still happily eating things like plastic plants.

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  1. Yes! I need to go to more Steampunk events! There have been a few things but not as many as there used to be and very hard to get to! I guess I need a jetpack or steam bicycle or something!

    The outfit looks great! As does Magnus and the corset! You will have to wear him as a part of the outfit if he does not get off!

    Love to cheeky Tirri! What a fabulous long, human-esque face!


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