Monday, 6 February 2017

Where The Night Is + Paradox Eyeshadows

So my obsession with ColourPop does not seem to be fading quite yet. I've got the Where The Light Is collection also by Kathleenlights, and this time I went for the Where The Night Is version. I really wanted to try Weenie, the rose gold eyeshadow, but since it was out of stock, I decided to just get the set.

I really like ColourPop's packaging. It sleek, simple easy and the graphic design has always been spot on. This set is packaged in a cardboard sleeve with bronze toned print on black background. In side the sleeve are the four eyeshadow pots safely in a cardboard box.

ColourPop x Kathleenlights Where The Night Is
Clockwise from top left: Porter, Midnight, Telepathy and Weenie.

Porter, a dark, shimmery red.

Midnight. An antique gold with a black base.

Telepathy. I'd describe this one is the most difficult to describe. It's a very bright metallic gold, but with a green tinge, not as yellow as gold usually is depicted. It's a gorgeous shade, but looks like it might be tricky to combine with other colours.

Weenie. This is the reason I got the set, and it's so pretty!

Midnight, Porter, Weenie, Telepathy and Paradox swatched on (angry) skin.
I have not yet done any looks with the set, but all of the colours seem quite unique. Weenie is a true rose gold, just like I wanted. All eyeshadows have lots of pigment and apply smooth and easy. For the swatches I applied them with my finger. None stained skin.

A friend also suggested Paradox to me. I do like neutral shades, but for clubs and photoshoots I want bright colours of high quality. I don't have a lot of reds, and thus Paradox was a great addition to my collection. It's a matte medium red, very bright and simple. You can easily see from the swatch above how Porter is more muted where Paradox is bright. Not for everyday looks, but for those times when you really need a red red, Paradox is great! I would like to have it be a bit more opaque, but most likely with a primer that will happen.



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