Monday, 15 May 2017

Kat von D Shopping

Kat von D is quickly becoming my most used brand. Not only is the packaging gorgeous and tickles my aesthetic preferences, the products are very high quality. I've been traveling a lot so the products in this post have been bought from Sephora in San Francisco and Debenhams in London. The liquid lipsticks have been my go-to product for a long time, but now I'm extending my Kat von D collection to other products too.

The Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad has been on my want list for a long time. I like simple palettes that can do light smoky eyes and more neutral looks with just a shaded crease. This Quad in Plum is one of those very easy to use shades on my complexion and the shades compliment my green-blue eyes. I wrote a full review here.

The Lock-it Setting Powder is a new product, I had not seen if before I came across it at Debenhams. I had been unhappy with my powder, the NYX HD powder is just not for my skin type or does not like the BB-cream I use for foundation. So I definitely needed a new one, and without even checking out any reviews, picked this one up. Luckily it works really well on me and I think there's enough for the rest of my life, the jar is HUGE ;D The sales person gave me a tip that the sealing sticker should not be fully removed, as the holes in the sifter are so big. It was an excellent piece of advice, as four holes open gives enough powder and makes using easy, as I can swirl my brush on the sifter.

Then one of the coolest palettes I own, the Alchemy palette! I have to admit I have not used it yet very much, just for the occasional inner corner highlight or lightly brushed on cheek bones, but just owning this wonderful item makes me happy <3 Just the hologram print and the triangle shape are super cool! I have been so busy I have not had the free time to wear wacky eyeshadow, but I will definitely give this palette more love once I'm home more.

The Alchemy palette has four shades. All are pale shades with an intense metallic sheen/shift. Conveniently the shift colours are marked on the palette, as it is a bit difficult to see the sheen in the pan, it comes out much better on skin. The photos of the pans look lame, and the sheen is quite difficult to capture on camera, but the effect is gorgeous.

Actually I have had not had the time to take pictures of the latest thing from Kat von D I bought, which is one of the new lip liners I hauled back from Vancouver. It's sitting at home on my vanity in its package, just waiting for the time to give it a go! (And then there's the Better Together items I found on discount in the Stockholm Sephora, so plenty of posts to come!)


  1. Ihanan näköinen tuo paletti kyllä! Olisi mielenkiintoista nähdä miltä sävyt näyttävät iholla :)

  2. Wow, the alchemy paltete looks amazing

  3. Alchemy-paletin värit toistuvat myös tosi kauniisti huulilla. Olen itse laittanut mattaisen harmaan pohjalle, antanut kuivua ja taputellut paletista väriä päälle. Tulee huikean näköistä jälkeä!

  4. That alchemy palette is perfection! :)

    Cathy at rebel style

  5. I kind of love her products.


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