Friday, 10 February 2012

Draconian Salvage

Because I was naughty and went to bed with my makeup on, I just freshened it up in the morning and headed straight to work.

There's some Temptress left, but I just put Scaredy Cat Draconia generously on top with a damp brush, added black eyeliner and put some Sugarpill Taco on the inner corners and brow bone. Draconia is such a pretty colour, it's just so sheer I have to always use a mixing medium or a damp brush to make it show properly.

I used:
Concrete Minerals Temptress
Scaredy Cat Draconia
Sugarpill Tako
MAC Blacktrack eyeliner
Kanebo Sensai 38 mascara

There's also some random cheap lipgloss, can't remember what ;)

And sunlight again! You can see it on the wall behind me, right? Spring is coming after all!


  1. It's unfair that your slept in makeup looks better than my fresh put on makeup. D=

    1. Sorry ;D I did have to take drastic measures to save it, and the pretty sunlight helps a lot!

    2. lol Still you look so pretty!

  2. I love a good makeup salvage! The icy colour is lovely on you.


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