Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Outfit of the Day

Knitted dress: Seppälä
Leggings: Seppälä
Belt: Second hand
Shoes: From Xtrax, by New Rock

Here's todays outfit, the pic is too dark but since everything is black, it doesn't matter. Right? ;)


  1. Black is always good and New Rocks are the best winter shoes ever.

    1. I felt kind of silly yesterday because I had kind of forgotten I had these New Rocks. Last winter I used high heeled versions but their soles are so worn out that they are too slippery now (if I only wasn't too lazy to take them to the shoe maker...). I've been stomping around in my grand ma's old shoes and wanting something prettier, and these babies have been on the shoe rack all this time ;D

  2. beautiful outfit! love your look! <3 ;]


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