Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just Pictures

I've been a bit busy with work, studies and The Sims 3: Pets ;P That's why I decided to post some pictures I've taken previously. Some are by my boyfriend, he likes to take pictures of cats, too.

Mörkö looking away.

Me looking the other way, with a quick up-do and my sparrow skull earrings.

Möttönen and Nivek enjoying the sun.

Mü looking suspicious.

The orchid and I.

A sleepy Möttönen.

Nivek telling what he thinks about being photographed ;)

Möttönen making sure her legs won't run away while she's sleeping.

Pic from my shabby party look.

Mör looking at the ceiling, with some dishes and my vanity in the background.

This is from the wedding fair a few months ago, a stall selling decorations and had pretty crystals on display.


  1. LOOOOOVE the kitty spam! Your cats are beautiful. You look beautiful in these photos, too, especially the orchid photo. You look so dramatic in the colors you're wearing!

  2. Hehe i also like Kitty spam! <3

  3. I must say that I like the sometimes-softer look on you, like the photo with the orchid. Edgy yet soft, sexy, and mysterious. You look like a goddess in her garden! And the kitties are . . . well . . . adorable. What other choice do they have, LOL?

    1. Thank you for the nice comment! I guess I have to try softer looks more often :)

  4. Cute cats!! :D You have some awesome hair!

  5. Pretty pictures of you and your kitties :-)

  6. 1. Your kitties are just precious!!! So pretty and adorable. 2. YOU are absolutely gorgeous!


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