Thursday, 5 April 2012

Maybelline Super Stay 10H Tint Gloss Review

Last week the new Maybelline Super Stay 10H Tint Glosses came to the department store next to my home, so I picked up two on way way home from work. They seemed alike to lip stains, which I love, and had a good selection of colours. I got the Timeless Plum and Forever Fuchsia. They cots 9,50 euro each.

I've now used both a few times to get the feel of the product. They go on much like lip gloss, and the applicator is one I haven't seen before, a small fluffy oval that's precise when you hold it in one position and can "paint" large areas in another. I really like it, I feel it's easy to work with. The package is kind of blah, white plastic, and it will get dirty easily. Also the stickers with colour name and ingredients don't fit with the curve of the cap and look like they will come off easily.

Forever Fuchsia and Timeless Plum

 I chose two cool colours, because I think they compliment my skin tone nicely, Forever Fuchsia is a pink shade and Timeless Plum is a cool purpley tone. The formula isn't the same as lip stains, it's a bit stickier and leaves a layer on the lips, and doesn't last as long. The colour was pretty easy to get even with a few layers. On my lips, lip stains (I've tried Max Factor, Gosh and Lumene) usually last the whole 8h day at work, but Super Stay Tint Gloss doesn't. It's still a lot easier than regular lipstick, since it doesn't smudge or leave stains.

Forever Fuchsia worn
Timeless Plum worn
It leaves my lips feeling a bit dry, but you can add lip balm on top even when wearing it. When you first put the product on your lips, you need to let it dry before you add another layer for depth or touch anything with your lips. If your lips get wet, the colour will go blotchy (I sneezed, totally messed up the colour!), but you can just let it dry and re-apply. After dry, the tint gloss has an almost matte finish. The product has a distinct pineapple smell. The colour washes off with just water but leaves a slight stain behind. I couldn't really see the staining on my lips, but with swatches on the back of my hand it showed.

+ Nice applicator
+ Good selection of colours
+ Less fussy than lipstick
+ Last longer than lipstick or lipgloss
+ Smells nice if you like pineapple

- Doesn't last as long a lipstain
- Package will get dirty soon
- Is water soluble (but leaves a slight stain)
- Drying
- Smells bad if you don't like pineapple

I'd definitely buy this product again. There's a really small selection of lip stains available (at least in Finland) and this product is a welcome addition. I haven't been able to find any plum shades in other lip stains so this is becoming a favourite.

Here's pictures of Forever Fuchsia worn, thanks to my boyfriend for the pictures! I got myself a new orchid and wanted pics with it, and it matched the lip tint. I'm wearing Fyrinnae Moon Child and Geek Chic Cometics' The Pointy End on my lids. Natural light looks so good in pictures!


  1. very cool pictures, the fuschia looks so pretty on you!

    1. Thanks you! I was very pleased with how the pics came out :)

  2. Nice colors. They look pretty on you and awesome pictures!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! The plum is pretty, I like it too :)

  4. Mulla on kaks tällasta venaamassa testausta, mut en ehtinyt lomalla vaikka kuinka yritin. :D Odotukset on aika skeptiset aina, kun kyseessä on jokin muu lipstain-tyyppi kuin tussi, mutta we'll see. :) Oli kiva lukea kokemuksiasi!

    1. Toivottavasti tykkäät! Nää ei pysy ihan niin hyvin kuin lipstain, mutta on kyllä silti aika hyviä.

    2. No, vihdoin olen saanut testattua tarpeeksi. Linkkasin tänne postauksestani kun sulla on huomattavasti parempi kuva samasta sävystä Forever Fuchsia. :D

      Voitit muuten MIYO-jutskia, heitä mulle yhteystietosi mailitse.

    3. Tai no, korjaan, tulen linkkaamaan, sillä postaus tulee huomenna ajastettuna.

  5. Oh wow! Amazing, I have the same hair as you and I also have the same eyeshadow tha your wear in the pic with "Timeless Plum worn". Well, actually, could you tell me what is exactly yours? I have "Dragon scale" (Lime Crime) and "Label Whore" (Too faced) who are quite identical.. if there is a third one that I don't know, I'd be glad to know :)
    Also, good to know that you can wear bright eye-shadow, purple hair AND pinky lipstick and look good! :-)

    1. Thanks! The eyeshadow is Madame and Eve's by Fyrinnae, it's a black base with teal sheen and glitter. Much like the two you listed, except for the base colour :)

  6. Thank you! Shame on me, I just ordered it ;)


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