Saturday, 5 May 2012

More May Day

The first of May is celebrated in Finland like almost any other holiday, by drinking heavily. Vappu, as it's called here, also has balloons, streamers and funny hats. I went to a picnic with other goths, since the weather was nice (= it was not snowing). I got the idea for a picnic earlier, since we were planning to go to have one anyway with a few friends and usually there are goth picnics nearly every week in Tampere in the summer, so I set up a Facebook event and yay, so many people came!

Amursk the grill was probably the most popular visitor (what could be better than a portable barbecue with loudspeakers and disco lights?!) and there were around thirty people on the picnic, and the whole park was full of people celebrating. I met lots of friends and some new faces, ate sausage, mushrooms and marshmallows, then continued to have a pint at a local bar, then went home to get some more to drink and we continued to a party at our neighbours'. It was a long day!

Love Mystral from Mustaa Pitsiä was also there!

Me and my other half eating sausages. Apparently his vegetarian ones are not so delicious ;) 

Look how beautiful the Finnish nature is this time of year ;P
My smaller camera was out of batteries and I was too lazy to drag the bigger one with me, so I didn't get any pictures of my own. The top one is from Mystral's camera and two others were taken by Grendel. Thanks!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Two of my favorite gal bloggers in one photo, yay! And Ice Bat balloon, yay! yay! yay!


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