Monday, 18 June 2012

At the Summer Cottage

I had an awesome weekend at the summer cottage, we were celebrating my other half's birthday for the whole weekend. And just as I expected, there were lots of mosquitoes, friends, beer, barbecue and sauna!

I didn't get that many pictures since I concentrated my efforts to having fun, but here are a few!

Leaving for the cottage! The day was really warm.

Top (beneath the dress) - Second hand, might originally be from Seppälä
Dress - Gina Tricot (they have gorgeous black maxi dresses right now!)
Shoes - Spirit Store
Sunglasses - H&M

A busy little bumblebee

This is from the old cemetery near the summer cottage, I had forgotten my camera settings
on manual and the pics look a bit blue and blurry.

The name plate on the only mausoleum on the graveyard.

View of the lake from the terrace of the cottage and a bird.

Another view of the lake shore.

A radio controlled scale model tank

A scale model tank and an interested doggie ;)

This was taken around 2 am, talk about nightless night! The sun only briefly dipped under
the horizon and soon came back up again.

Person in a horse mask swimming and ladies on the pier.

The birthday boy himself celebrating in a cool soviet hat and
fancy sunglasses ;)

Totally mosquito-proof boots.

Aside from the millions of mosquitoes and rain on Sunday, everything was perfect! We didn't run out of beer, the sauna was nice and hot, the lake was warm, many friends found the time to come and visit, and everything we grilled tasted delicious! Well, aside from the two corn cobs I forgot on the barbecue, which resembled coals when they were found later on ;P


  1. Seems you had a lovely weekend at the cottage. I love these northern summer nights when the sun stays up allmost the whole time. I only go indoors to bed with force these days.

  2. I love what you wore! ♥Very chic!
    And that person with the horse mask made my day XD

  3. Northern summer nights sounds amazing, that's unreal! Love the horse mask person that made me laugh so much :P


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