Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Smoky Photoshoot

Got my other half a birthday present, since we are going off to a summer cottage to celebrate his b-day in the weekend. He wanted a water pipe and some fruit tobacco (or what ever you call the fruit stuff that actually doesn't have any tobacco in it), so that's what I got him, the prettiest water pipe in the oriental shop and four packs of different flavoured tobacco. We tried it right away and since the smoke looked so cool, decided to do an improvised photoshoot!

Here's some of the pictures :)

I was going for some oriental courtesan with a satin dressing gown and a PVC-corset.

Look at the pretty chains decorating the pipe! I thought it looked perfect
for my other half. 

Turns out I totally sucked at trying to exhale the smoke so it would show ;P
But then again, I don't smoke regularly, so I haven't gotten much practice!
And a few pics just showing off the makeup and outfit :)

He was much better with the smoke, with his singer's lungs ;)

But look! I got some to show!
And finally the pretty pipe.
The eyeshadow is Obviously A Wig by Darling Girl Cosmetics, with just a hint of Sugarpill Bulletproof in the crease to give depth. The lashes are from Claire's and the lippie is a Maybelline 10h Tint Gloss in Timeless Plum. Sorry about my pink underwear, I was too lazy to take it off and tried to adjust the gown so it wouldn't show, but apparently failed ;P


  1. You look amazing :) lol I fail at smoking too,

    Claire xx

  2. I love your makeup and how you did your hair for the shoot :)

    Seems you had lot of fun!

    1. We did! Actually I've had my hair on a bun for two days, just haven't gotten the time to do anything with it. But glad to know it looks nice still!

  3. What a lovely pipe :)
    I'm a very big fan of Shisha, really like the double apple tobacco :)

    1. I have to keep my eyes open for double apple! I've tried coconut and cherry (if I remember correctly), and they tasted really nice both.

  4. That pipe is gorgeous, I wish I could find one like that here! You look wonderful :)


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