Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mini Photoshoot!

Last night me and my friend Jukka had a mini photoshoot. He had some extra time and wanted to try out his new green screen and a white background. I had totally forgotten and packed almost all my makeup already, but luckily a few eyeshadows were still left on my vanity! These pics are taken by Jukka and edited by me.

I had also packed almost all of my clothes, but came up with an idea to wear my new winter coat. I got it on Tuesday, because I was cold in my leather jacket and my fluffy winter coat is still too warm for this time of year. So, off to H&M I went, and they had most coats on discount! This one was -50% so I paid under 30 euros for it. Seems like a good price, since it's half wool :) I made up my mind in the shop under a minute on which coat I want, because this one is almost identical to a coat I had to throw away the winter before the last one. It was my favourite coat and I'd had it for years, it was so worn out I just couldn't fix it any more. So this new one was perfect for me, like meeting an old friend! The only differences are that this one has buttons, my last coat didn't, and there's some blue in the fake fur collar (but it really doesn't show that much!). I think it suits me well since I'm so small on the chest department, I can easily pile on ruffles and fur to get some more stuff up there ;P

This is my rock 'n' roll pose ;D

The Death Star is lovely ;P


  1. I love fur trimmed coats, I made the exact coat a year back using an old hooded wool blend coat.
    Yours is quite beautiful, you suit it wonderfully; I adore the last photo the most.

    1. Thank you! Fur trims are so pretty, nice to know you have one too :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm currently dyeing it with Elumen, it's a mix of purple and blue. I'd love to have teal streaks in it too!


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