Tuesday, 16 September 2014

700 Readers Giveaway!

Here's what I got for you guys to celebrate 700 readers!

1. Essence nail art dotting tool. It has two different sized ends for the perfect little dots on your nails (or for making suction cups for tiny polymer clay tentacles!). I have a similar tool and have liked it, but this one is naturally brand new.

2. Two essence glitter polishes. 03 Glitz & Glam has rose pink glitter and a very unique green shimmer base. Works as a topcoat or on it's own with a few layers. 01 Pixie Dust is a topcoat with white sheen that shifts to pink. Very pretty!

3. This is Gothic Rock vol 1 compilation. This CD has a collection of new and older goth bands, mainly is the classic gothic rock style. I'm very fond of it, and not only because my other half's band is on it, but it's just the style of music I love. 

Glitz & Glam and Pixie Dust.

Tracklist of This is Gothic Rock vol 1.
To participate in the giveaway you need to do the following:

1. Follow my blog. Write on your comment how you follow it. (Google friends connect, Facebook, Bloglovin...)
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what type of posts are your favourite.
3. Leave your email address in the comment also, so I can contact you easily if you are fortune's favourite!

The giveaway is open until 30.9.2014 and it's open internationally. Good luck!

All prices are purchased by me, no sponsors involved.


  1. 1. Seuraan blogia Bloggerin ja Facebookin kautta
    2. Meikki- ja asupostaukset on mun lemppareita!
    3. s-posti: aliizzzaa@hotmail.com

  2. 1. Seurailen bloggerin kautta.
    2. Kynsi- ja asupostaukset! Ja tietty ne postaukset joissa vilahtaa sun ihanat kissat!
    3. haipuli@hotmail.com

  3. Hello, I follow you on facebook (if you want my name, it ends with Stark )
    My favorite posts are the look posts and hair too !
    my email is serasan(at)gmail.com

    Thank you <3

  4. 1. Luen Bloggerin kautta
    2. Yllättäen asupostaukset on lemppareita, vaikka noin muuten en montaa muotiblogia mielelläni lue. Sinulla vain on niin upea tyyli, etenkin arkiasupostaukset ovat mielenkiintoisia. Alunperin taisin jäädä lukijaksi indieluomivärien takia, joten silmämeikkipostaukset tulevat kakkossuosikkina.
    3. sinistapintaa miumau gmail piste com

  5. Oh yay!
    1. I follow you on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook. XD
    2. I like seeing your makeup looks and nails. They are always so pretty!
    3. toxidlotus@gmail.com

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. 1- I follow you on facebook and blogger/blogspot subscribed
    2- my fave posts are shopping and outfits ones
    3- freen707@gmail.com

  7. Woo, congrats on the followers and thank you for the giveaway! :)

    1. I follow you on bloglovin'.
    2. I love your OOTD and your makeup posts, you're always flawless!
    3. ohtofeelpretty@gmail.com

  8. 1_ Te sigo desde Facebook y Blogger/Blogspot
    2_ Mis publicaciones favoritas son Outfit of the Day <3
    3_ toleranzianikehostias@hotmail.com

    Greetings from spain! :D

  9. 1. Seurailen blogia Facebookin välityksellä
    2. Parhaimpia ja inspiroivimpia postauksia ovat DIY/askartelu-postaukset sekä OOTD-postaukset :)
    3. phoenixx@luukku.com

  10. Hello, I follow you through Facebook all the way from South Africa!
    My favourite posts are your fashion and make-up posts - bucket loads of style inspiration.
    If fortune favours me, email me at holcroft.sk@gmail.com

  11. 1. Seurailen Bloggerin kautta
    2. Suosikkipostauksia ovat tutoriaalit ja OOTD:t ^___^
    3. addams.elisabet (at) gmail.com

  12. 1. Bloggerin kautta seuraan
    2. Eniten pidän asupostauksista.
    3. morgaise(at)hotmail.com

  13. 1. Seurailen Bloggerissa ja Facebookissa.
    2. Lemppareitani ovat asu- ja meikkipostaukset.
    3. ravenaeris@hotmail.com

  14. 1. Alice on Blogger
    2. I love your outfit posts, but also cats are cute ^^
    3. sarkastyczna1@o2.pl

  15. I follow as Sary Walrus on Google Friends Connect. The posts I love the most from your blog are OotD's and I'm a total sucker for kitty pictures. You're cats are gorgeous and look so well loved. :3


  16. Drool! You give away such lovely things and the good thing is that they reflect you, goth music and glittery nails :). I follow you on bloglovin and on google, I also have you on my favourite blog list at my blog. It's really hard to tell what my favourite posts are because all you posts are interesting. I do love when you post one of your occasional interior posts, you have an excellent taste. I also get my dose of cat cravings with your cat posts (my man is allergic :( ) and not to mention your nail and fashion posts...
    my email: linnea-maria@hotmail.com

  17. Hola! Felicidades por tus seguidores.
    1.-Te sigo desde blogger.
    2.- Me gustan los post sobre tu cabello y tu outfit of the day.
    3.- batorchid.blog@gmail.com
    Saludos desde México.

  18. 1. followed your blog via fb name Karin Shaim
    my favorite posts are your makeup looks posts :)

  19. I follow through blogger.
    Favorite posts are DIY projects and outfit posts :)


  20. 1. Seurailen Bloggerin ja Bloglovinin kautta.
    2. Parhaita postauksia on kaikki kissa-jutut, silmämeikkikuvat sekä tee-se-itse-hommelit. Kaikki mistä tämmöinen laiskiainen saa itseensä inspiraation.
    3. Jos onnetar heittäisi arvan suuntaani, niin email: meikki_monsteri@luukku.com tavoittaa.


  21. I follow via bloglovin. As for me, the most interesting posts are about your ootds and the events you get a chance to visit. Also, your cats are gorgeous!


  22. Hi :-) I thought I posted yesterday but I don't think it worked?

    1. I follow you on facebook
    2. I love your makeup posts, specially tbe eyeshadows I love your creative and artistic use of colour, some of the combinations I would have never thought of and you have given me inspiration to be more inventive. I also really love your hair ♥
    3. roxanneghost@hotmail.com

    Thanks xxx ♥♥♥

  23. Seuraan GFCn (ja Blogilistan) kautta ja lemppareita ovat meikkipostaukset. :)

    sari piste susanna at hotmail piste com

  24. Hi! I didn't actually follow you until now, because I didn't know how. When you mentioned google friends connect, I realised I could. I like your outfit posts, but especially the ones that have an interesting background, like the ones you did in front of an old church and inside a lake. Also, you inspired me to use more glittery nail polish, because it's beautiful, it's too easy to achieve a stunning look with it, and you can do many combinations with other colours. And even though I don't use eyeshadow too much myself, I admit that your makeup posts take my breath away! My email is depsiren@gmail.com

  25. 1. I follow via GFC and Facebook.
    2. I love makeup posts.
    3. andrea.trenary at gmail dot com

  26. I follow you via Blogger/Google account. (I have your blog on my favourite blog list!)
    I love your outfit posts, especially those when you go to festivals! You create really amazing outfits.
    My email address is ballerinadark@hotmail.com

    Ciao :)

  27. 1.I follow you via blogger.
    2. My favorite posts are DIY projects and makeup tips.
    3. My email: kornie85@suomi24.fi :)

  28. 1. I do follow your blog via google/blogger, also I'm a fan of your fanpage on fb
    2. I guess my favourite posts are "outfits of the day" and those in which you show us what kind of life you lead, I mean little sneak peeks into your house, cats and stuff you enjoy :)
    3. my e-mail is songsperverse@yahoo.com

  29. Nail polish, dotting tool AND a compilation goth rock CD! Totally excited about this!

    1 bloglovin' and facebook
    2 Your outfits and your trips
    3 devannah@gmail.com

  30. Hello,
    I do follow your blog everyday. It's in my favorite blogroll (Firefox)
    I love your outfit posts and those detailing the fantastic goth places you go to.
    My email is elspethtirel @ hotmail . fr

  31. 1. Luen Bloglovinin ja Bloggerin kautta
    2. Kaikenlaiset asupostaukset ja tutorialit on kivoja!
    3. e-maili on dreamingsleepingmoon@gmail.com

  32. Bloggerin kautta ja meikkipostaukset ovat lemppareita.

  33. 1. I follow you via Google and Facebook
    2. my fav post are these about your journeys and your outfits.
    3. x-tabay@o2.pl

  34. Mites oon missanu tän..ihme hömppä minä :P

    1. GLF ja stalkkaan facebookissa
    2. Tykkään kovin sun asupostauksista ja muutenkin tapahtumista ja mestoista kertovista postauksista
    3. frillycakes@gmail.com

  35. I follow your blog through Blogger,my favorite kind of posts are OOTD's and anything to with shoes :)



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