Sunday, 28 September 2014

Demo Scene Party Outfit

Yesterday I got to play some music at a Demo Scene party. I've been there before and they asked me to play game music, which is always fun! It's a treat to spend time planning the playlist, remembering all the games I've played and what were the most memorable music moments in them. All the memories come flooding back when you hear the music! And at the event people know and love the games, there's always a great atmosphere and everyone is enjoying themselves.

Shrug - Lip Service Matte
Dress - H&M
Belt - Second hand
Leggings - Kill Star Occult Leggings
Boots - Big Lita by Jeffrey Campbell

I wanted to dress down a bit from my usual club outfits, since this was a different event, small and more down-to-earth, no dancing but rather people chatting about games and demos while drinking delicious beverages. Thus the simple dress and leggings.

This one just to show off my hair! Ordered two very reasonably priced hair falls from eBay on hot pink, and they match my hair very well. It was so easy to just tie my hair in a ponytail, curl the ends and pop both of the falls on top of the ponytail. They have gorgeously curled ends so no finishing touches were needed, other than popping a few flowers in there to hide the ribbons that someone has chosen to be light beige in pink falls. I might have to sew in new ones later on. I'm thinking of perhaps getting another pair and backcombing them for very easy big hair styles. I could just make my own, but recently I've been so busy and/or tired that I'm willing to pay some money for easy hairstyling and not having to spend my own time making it!

And just for fun, here's my playlist and which games the music is from, plus my fondest memory of the game or why I chose just that song!

Diablo 3 theme - I've been playing Diablo 3 like crazy lately, I got the Marauder set for my Demon Hunter (who is awesome because she hunts demons wearing high heels ;D) and have been enjoying the new Greater Rifts.

Gabriel Knight 3 Love Theme - I really like games that have a well written story, and Gabriel Knight series is a great example of that. While the games feel a bit old fashioned and clunky these days, the suspense of playing them is still something I remember very well. Gabriel is a great character and I'd say he was written with the female audience in mind, even when many male players enjoy the games too. There's a new addition to the series coming soon.

Fall-from-Grace Theme - This one is from Planescape: Torment, so far my all-time favourite game. All the characters had their own theme songs and I really loved Fall-from-Grace, a succubus who had decided to quit succubus-ing and do other things instead, but was hindered by her past and people's prejudices.

Tifa's Theme - Tifa is a great character and Final Fantasy 7 is an excellent game, so why not. Plus it fits very well with the previous song's sounds and helps move on the next one.

Diablo Tristram Theme - From the very first Diablo. I remember playing it at a friends' place, where they had their computer in a dark corner under the stairs. The loading times were horrible, but we would sit and wait patiently for the twenty or so minutes for the next level to load ;D Also spontaneous multiplayer was fun: with two people playing one has the mouse and hacks at enemies, the other only looks at the health globe and drinks potions with number keys when health goes too low. It's a team effort!

The Last Battle - Michael Hoenig - Baldur's Gate was one of the games I spend hundreds of hours with. The fantasy setting and possibility to explore the world where things that appealed to me and still do. This piece is from the final battle in the game, which for me was a disappointment. It had been optimized for people who follow the main plotline and take a few detours. I had explored EVERYTHING before I went to the end battle, which was then too easy for my level.

The Betrayal - Inon Zur - Dragon Age: Origins is a fairly new game, but reminded me of Baldur's Gates and got me to really play for hours and hours. I had such a crush on Alistair but he turned out to be a dick in the end if you played with a female city elf, which I had unfortunately chosen ;P

Bioshock - Welcome to Rapture - Bioshock has a great world, the lost 1940's city of Rapture and all the things the player encounters there make for great stories.

Caesar III - Rome - Sierra's city builder series really hit the spot for me. Historical city building in different settings? Sold! I played Caesar and Zeus, the one with ancient greek setting, and Pharaoh which was set in ancient Egypt. This music would play when your city was very large, and it always felt like a great reward.

Darnassus (City Theme) - World of Warcraft has gotten so many hours of my life ;D I really loved the world and how the different areas had their own styles both visually and with sounds, making the different cultures feel real. My first character was a Night Elf hunter, so I visited Darnassus a lot.

Sigil Battle - From Planescape: Torment. Battle music really gets your adrenaline going ;D

The Chosen - Silicon Knights - Eternal Darkness - I played this one on a borrowed GameCube when I was working as a playtester with mobile games. Despite the slightly kitsch-y name the game was a great story of lovecraftian horror with a nice female protagonist. My absolutely favourite part was the sanity effects: if your sanity got too low, the game would do all kinds of weird things, like the character would just explode or appear to shrink suddenly. But my all time favourite sanity effect was the one where it appeared that the game started to delete your saved games ;D Talk about a shock!

Castle Towns - Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - This game had a nice fantasy theme and I loved the turn-based playing style it offered. I took my time to learn how to play one team, it was the one with knights and castles, so I've spend a lot of time listening this songs that always played while you were in your city selecting what to do next.

One Winged Angel - This is just a great song! It's Sephiroth's theme from Final Fantasy 7.

Baldur's Gate Tavern - Playing music in a bar naturally requires tavern music ;P So this one is from the first Baldur's Gate.

Easy Driver - Transport Tycoon - The countless hours I spent playing Transport Tycoon were dotted with this very annoying song occasionally playing.

Star Control 2 Hyperspace - This one was a request.

Last Ninja Central Park Loader Theme - This one was a request.

Megaman 3 Snake man - This one was a request.


  1. Heroes of Might and Magic! No one I know has ever played those games, I adored them. I wish I could come to one of your club nights one day, they always sound so awesome.

    1. I played Heroes of Might and Magic so so much ;D My home town, Tampere, has great clubs, there are so many students that it's easy to organize events and have people come, and there's plenty of venue options :)


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