Saturday, 4 October 2014

Pink Hair Falls

I recently ordered a pair of hair falls from an eBay seller in China. I wanted to have easy hair styles and my current hair colour is quite easy to match, there are pre-made falls in the same shade available.

This was my first experiment with these types of falls and I'm happy with the result! What I did was put my own hair in a high ponytail, curled the ends to match the falls, then put two falls on top of the pony tail. I hid the attachment with a few clip-on flowers. The falls stayed on well and were comfy to wear.

This is what one fall looks like. There's synthetic hair wefts sewn on the lace, a small metal comb and ribbons.
The falls came with gorgeous curls on them. They are a bit fuzzy after being worn once but have not lost the curl.
The falls might need a little bit of baby powder to take off the shine and I've thought of getting another set and back combing them for an easy big hair style. I guess I should replace the ribbons with something that matches the hair, because that beige is just a very silly colour choice, how could it match anyone's hair who buys hot pink falls? ;D

The match with my Elumen pink hair is very good. Not perfect, but in dim nightclubs
no one will notice the slight difference.

Just look at those curls!


  1. It's great that they match so well! Is your normal hair hidden underneath?

    1. Thank you! Yes, my normal hair is hanging in the ponytail with the extensions, but it's beneath the extensions so it doesn't show much. But I think they all blend in very nicely!

  2. Those look great! I have NO idea why they would have put that awful BEIGE on the ribbons and lace, how silly!


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