Thursday, 6 November 2014

Warlocks Photoshoot Look

For yesterday's shoot, this is what I wore!

Dress - Burned Velvet Evil Cheerleader dress by Black Milk
Corset - Second hand (it's hand made by someone)
Necklace - eBay

The corset was a find on a goth fleamarket group on Facebook. It's hand made but the construction looks quite unorthodox. Then again it has a lovely dramatic curve and glitter pvc is always a plus! The busk is very flexible, which I'm not used to, but it makes the corset a lot more comfy to wear than a rigid one. It's a little bit too small for me and stays quite open in the back, but I still like the silhouette it creates.

The make-up photos didn't come out so nice (damned DPD for not delivering my new lights on time!) but I'm wearing Sugarpill shades in Subterranean (dark metallic moss green) on the lids as a smoky eye, a touch of Elemental Chaos (a dark purple), some Tako (matte white) on the brow bones and a touch of Frostine (pale lavender) on the inner corners. The lashes are Sugarpill Stormy lashes. I didn't use only Sugarpill on purpose, it just happened ;D I guess having Sparkle Baby and Cold Chemistry palettes laying on the table causes that ;P

The lip product in Black Cat matte liquid lipstick by Pretty Zombie, which I'll be reviewing soon. My initial impression is that it works quite well but I'll test it some more!


  1. Hi, Karoliina! I don't usually comment here very much but you know i'm always here ♥
    I love your corset, definately would buy one of this in red/black, so gorgeous.
    I would like to know, what camera do you use? I intend to buy a new camera and i'm checking out some options and i'm a huge fan of the quality of your pictures! <3

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! I have a Nikon D80 with a 40mm Micro Nikkor lens that I usually use. The lens works for taking product photos since it can focus on objects very close, but it's also very good for portraits and outfit pictures. I have the lens the camera came with, but I only use it if I know I need the zoom it has. It has a slight fish-eye effect so it's not good for portraits.

      I also own a Olympus Pen Lite e-pl6 which I most often use with a 19mm Sigma lens. It good for outfit shots and portraits, but not for product photos because of the long focus range. The best part of the Pen is that it has a screen that you can turn and flip so that you see it when taking selfies. It surprisingly useful! It's also a very small and light camera, good for carrying with you. When at home I always go for the Nikon still, it has great quality and the lens does just what I want it to do.

  2. Oh! And if you do an review on the Black Cat lipstick, i would like to see a comparison with the Raven lip velvet from Topshop. I wear it all the time since you gave me! ♥

    1. I sure will! I'm so glad you liked the Topshop lipstick, I love it too!


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