Friday, 19 December 2014

Rogue x Bones & Lilies Giveway

I've been super happy with the prints I designed for Rogue to print on tops and skirts, so I though I could help my lovely readers to enjoy them too.

I'm giving away two tops, in your chosen print and size, so there will be two winners! The prints are Cats Will Come, with the cat skull, and Prince of the Forest, with a deer skull. The tops come in black and sizes available are XS, S, M, L and XL. The fabric is stretchy and soft.

To see more of stuff by Rogue, visit their Etsy-store! I'm loving the ouija pattern shirts and purses they have :)

To participate, comment on this post and tell me what kind of other pictures you would like to see me design for tops. Please also mention which print and in what size you would like if you are the lucky winner and list your email address so I can contact you after the winners have been selected.

Cats Will Come top.

Prince of the Forest top.

These pictures show the prints in more detail and their position on the top.

Prince of the Forest combined with a Queen of Darkness
skirt, a tiny jacket and some cool boots!

So in all simplicity, to win a hand-printed Rogue x Bones & Lilies top, comment on this post with the following information:

1. What sort of designs would you like to see on tops in the future?
3. Which print and what size would you like your top to be if you win?
4. What's your email address so I can reach you after the winners are picked?

Two winners will be picked on 4.1.2015. Please allow some time for the tops to be sent out afterwards, they will be custom made according to winner's wishes!


  1. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog and I must say these prints are fantastic. I would love to see the same kind of design with bird skulls. If I'm the lucky winner, I'd like a "cat's will come" top, size S and you can contact me at omikron1962 dot Thanks a lot for the giveaway !

    (Jennifer-willis-couture.a little

  2. 1. Tykkään ihmisten luurangoista tosi paljon. Luurankoja tekemässä jotain!
    2. Prince of the Forest, koko S.
    3. sari piste susanna at hotmail piste com
    Mahtava arvonta, kiitos! :)

  3. 1. Jotain lepakkoista olisi kiva nähdä! :)
    2. Prince of the Forest, koko S

  4. Fantastic blog and designs! It would be great to see a moon design, beetles and bows, or a human heart. I would love The Cats Will Come in M. Email is khelms87 at gmail dot com

  5. I would love to see something with magickal symbols! I would love to win prince of the forest, probably i a size medium would fit me.

  6. 1. I'd love to see some coffin, bats, and grave designs in the future!
    2. Cats Will Come, size XL
    3. deathlynightshade at hotmail dot com

    You're the best <3

  7. 1. Olisi kiva nähdä jotain, missä on pääkallokiitäjä :)
    2. Cats will come, koko M
    3. addams piste elisabet at gmail piste com

  8. 1. it would be nice to see more bone designes + maybe something with bats or owls ^^
    2. Prince of the forest, xs
    3. gerdasnow at

  9. 1. Sanon nyt vähän samaa mitä muutkin: eli lepakoita samalla tyylillä. Tai sitten ihan vaan damaskikuviointia ja jotain kuviohörhellystä!
    2. Cats will come, koko S.

  10. 1. Toi luu- ja kalloteema toimii hyvin, joten sitä vois ehkä laajentaa. Esim. lorien kallot näyttää aika siisteiltä, kun niillä on niin isot silmät. :D
    2. Valinta on vaikee, mut ehkä Cats Will Come on kuitenkin se kissaihmisen ykkösvalinta. Koko S. (Paitsi jos kokoluokka on samaa kuin esim. H&M:llä, niin sit XS.)

  11. 1. Kissoja! Lepakot on myös kuul.
    3. Cats will come, M.
    4. rokkikaisuli(a)

  12. 1. Maybe a design with a bat skeleton on it, inclusive wings of course. Or maybe some designs with moths.
    2. Prince of the Forest top, size S

  13. 1. I don't know why but I thought about designs inspired by your cat Nivek, or by those amazing horns you make! I'm sure prints with some designs of horns would look great on a top. Plus now that I think you can make some similar designs of insects (I'm a fan of Beetlejuice) ;)
    2. Prince of the Forest top, S
    3. songofthemist(at)

  14. I'm a huge moth enthusiast so I'd like to see moth/butterfly designs.

    (Prince of the Fores, XS)

  15. 1. I'd love to see bats, octupi or more deer designs! You can never have enough deer.
    2. Prince of the Forest, S

  16. I love this! I wanna win the "Cats will come top" soo bad<3
    Vintage horror is something I really like, or vampire themed prints. You know, things connected with Nosferatu, Bela Lugosi and Vampira c:
    As I said, I would loooove to win the "Cats will come top" in size M/medium.
    My e-mail adress is

    Thank you for giving your readers the oppertunity to be able to have one of these fabulous tops!<3

  17. 1. I am all about sciencey-occult designs, so perhaps an oldtimey celestial map with creepy touches?
    2. My heart goes out to the Cats Will Come design and a size M would fit over my heart just right ;)

  18. 1. Ehkä makein ikinä olisi nähdä printti ketusta, jonka kasvot ovat kalloa ja muu kroppa normaalisti karvaista! (Tai sitten samalla kaavalla peura, kissa tai susi)
    2. Prince of Forest, S

  19. Ohh fantastic idea, I love these tops so much!
    1)Oh fantastic idea! I'd love to see some cryptozoology creatures/lunar moths/constellations/and skeleton bats
    2) prince of the forest M

  20. 1. Pääkalloja, luurankoja, susia, lohikäärmeitä..
    3.Prince of the Forest top.
    4. resuella at

  21. 1. Joku b-luokan kauhuskenaario sarjakuvatyylillä toteutettuna vois olla jepa
    2. Prince of the forest, xs.

  22. 1. Creepy gothic prince / kid holding a skull
    2. Prince of the Forest, L

  23. 1. I'd love to see oldschool goth designs ^^
    2. Cats Will Come, size S

  24. 1. I like the way you design the prints, therefore I'd love to see a hanging bat (skeleton) in a cave!
    2. Cats Will Come in S
    3. ceicelia-green(at)

    Love from Austria!

  25. 1. I'd like to see tops with bugs like cicadas and spiders! Bugs can be very pretty.
    3. i am in love with the Cats Will Come print, in size medium.

  26. 1. Bird prints/bird skulls/bird claws ect. (no matter what kind of, i just loooove birds) :) or bats!
    2. Prince of the Forest size L

  27. 1. Joitain Edgar Allan Poen sitaatteja yms tai timburtonmaista printtiä! Myös nuo luut on todella hienoja, niitäkin voisi olla lisää erilaisia!
    2. Prince of the forest, S


  28. 1 bats and skulls.
    2 the Prince of the Forest in xl

    I love both of the print :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

  29. 1. What sort of designs would you like to see on tops in the future?
    Something with anatomic hearts, bird skulls / skeletons / bones and lace. Maybe more cat skulls, I love cats :) Generally something like the ones already designed, because I really think they're lovely (in fact I'm wearing the Cats Will Come right now, unplanned I swear!)

    2. Which print and what size would you like your top to be if you win?
    I'd like Prince of the Forest in small.

    3. What's your email address so I can reach you after the winners are picked?


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