Thursday, 17 September 2015

Buyer Beware! Beautiful.Mess Dreads Follow Up

I promised some pictures of the falls and here they are. See for yourself if these look like 90£ falls to you. I'm currently working on a claim through my credit card company, so it's still possible that I'll get this mess resolved. Beautiful.Mess has banned me from their company page and blocked my account from their personal account (through which she wanted originally to communicate) even when I've been nothing but polite.

I still have received no apology for the late shipping or anything, but she did unblock me to provide me with the return address I had been asking for on several occasions. I consulted my credit card company and they told to me not return anything before PayPal has reviewed the dispute, so the falls are packed and ready to go but waiting for the resolution.

The falls
This picture tells more than a thousand words. The falls are not the same length, the ends are blunt and the ribbons don't match. Both seem to have roughly as much hair, so I'm unsure how they can be of different lengths. Both feel equally curly and even if I try to arrange the hair so it would lie similarly on both falls, they simply are not the same length.

The ribbons
One is purple and one very bright pink. The elastic is okay, personally I prefer wide elastic that's less likely to tangle with hair, but I didn't specify that so thin would have been okay, if it just matched.

Blunt ends
To my knowledge squiggly dreads usually have tapered ends, like in Beautiful.Mess page's pictures. These do not look the same to me. I'm not sure if the ends are cut or if these are just the ends of the dreaded hair, but all of the dreads I've ever owned have had tapered ends.

A close up on the ends.

Falls worn.
I tried the falls on to take a few photos and you can tell even from the pictures that the length is not the same pretty easily. This is not something that I could hide when wearing the falls. Below is a screen capture from Beautiful.Mess Facebook page to show off her work. My falls don't look like the ones in the pictures. The blunt ends make mine look a bit unfinished. I ordered the falls based on product photos like these and I'm disappointed that I received something I don't feel matches the quality I was expecting. Most of all I'm sad and disappointed that Beautiful.Mess could not meet the deadline we agreed upon, did not notify me on this and never apologized, even when I tried to resolve the situation politely many times.

Screen capture from the Beautiful.Mess Facebook page.


  1. No huh. O_o Toivottavasti ongelma ratkeaa pian ja saat rahat takaisin! Käsittämätöntä toimintaa myyjän puolelta.

  2. Kuuluuko jopa noiden "hyvien" näyttä noin keinotekoisilta? Mutta juu, itsekin nuo sinun dreadsit varmasti osaisin tehdä yhtä hyviksi ;D Käsittämättömän huonoa asiakaspalvelua. Toivottavasti selviää :)

    1. Sanoisin että kyse on aika paljon siitä minkä tyylisiä rastoja hakee. Synteettiset on yleensä sileämpiä ja muutenkin "teollisemman" näköisiä jopa käsintehtynä, kuin aitohiusrastat. Vähän luonnollisempia saa tosi ohuista, hyvin tupeeratuista synteettisistä rastoista, mutta siinä on ihan päättömästi duunia ;D Mä itse tykkään näistä laineikkaista, pörröisistä rastoista, mutta myös sileämmät pötköt on kivoja!

      Oon aika toiveikas että saisin tän homman vielä ratkeamaan edukseni, toivotaan parasta!

  3. How frustrating! I hope it gets resolved for you.

  4. It looks like the best part was removed O_O

    1. True! I really like the feathery, wispy ends and these just are missing the whole end part completely.

  5. I make dreads and I am not great at it but I would never leave the ends unfinished like that. They should be sealed or the dreads will eventually unravel.


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