Saturday, 12 September 2015

Lip Service at Club Bella Morte

Yesterday we had club Bella Morte at Doris, and it was great! I was supposed to get a pictures of my outfit, but the whole day was super busy, I barely had the time to eat and take a quick nap so I could hope to stay awake until 4 in the morning.

I recently bought an old Lip Service gown off an online flea market. It's the Bride of Frankenstein dress from Houses of the Holy collection from 2004 in black colourway. It was really cheap because the dress has been worn a lot and the PVC is very worn. It thought I could get a few evenings of wear from it, and possibly a photoshoot or two. I was unsure of how I'd like the dress, but gave it a go anyway. Turns out it's just perfect!

I took a picture when trying the gown on and posted it on Instagram, and was very excited a few days later when Lip Service had re-posted the picture! It's also on their Facebook page, here's a link to it.

My current plan is to wear the dress as long as it stays intact, then cut it apart and draw patterns from the pieces so I could sew a new one :)

Toilet mirror pictures from the club ;D

The dress in Lip Service catalogue.

The dress has handy sleeves with zippers. So when the venue started to get hot, I opened the zippers. Photo by Ari Rantanen.

I'm really fond of older Lip Service pieces. It feels like the designs these days are a bit more toned down, or maybe they just don't make gowns that often. I love dresses that I can just put on and be all done, without having to worry about matching a top and a bottom. Especially when I only have half an hour to do my make-up, dress up and test my DJ'ing computer, like yesterday! And I have to say that for an 11-year-old dress the piece is just perfect!


  1. Vitsi sulla on upeat meikit noissa kuvissa! Sopii sulle tosi hyvin :). Mä muuten näin tällaisen samantyyppisen mekon sinisenä Hyvinkään Tingi ja Tongi -kirpparilla. Näytin sitä miehellekin mutta ei sieltä irronnut kuin naurut. Mun mielestä se oli ihan superhieno <3.

    1. Kiitos paljon! Onhan toi mekko aika ärhäkkä ja näyttää henkarissa kasalta kiiltävää kangasta ja remmejä, mutta toimii päällä ihan loistavasti. Mun täytyy ehkä metsästää muita värejä, koska ne ovat huhupuheiden mukaan paksumpaa PVC:tä kuin tää musta versio.

  2. I wish I knew how to apply make up that well. I guess I'm not enough into make up, yet it makes your pretty eyes and features stand out.

    1. Thank you! All it takes is practice and lots of youtube tutorial ;P My best tip would be to try and find tutorial or tips that are for your eye shape. I have hooded lids so most of the cool cut crease instructions don't work as is, I have to lift the crease shadow a lot to make it show.

  3. The old Lip Service collections are just so much better than the current ones! This suits you very well as if it was made just for you!

  4. I adore the old Lip Service Collections and I'm constantly on the search for well kept old pieces. The new ones are not tickling my fancy very much. They always used to be really expensive, but in the older days, the quality was way better, the "fabrics" lasted longer and the cuts were amazing. I think this dress shows this very well - it's flattering, bold, and truly "gothy", not like what you get today. Today's designs are either totally toned down, or feel way too costumey, good for dressing up, but they don't touch my "inner dark sense" or whatever any more.
    If they ever did a re-launch of some of their old pieces, I'd be all about it and crack my bank account to get all of them! Hehe :)


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