Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Wishlist

I'm bad at wishing for gifts, I usually just go and buy all the stuff I need. I'm horrible at waiting and hate uncertainty! I still love receiving gifts, it makes me feel happy that someone has put the time and effort to get me something :) I'm totally not a Christmas person, I get stressed with buying gifts and always worry if my presents satisfy the receiver, and I HATE Christmas carols.

Most of my wishes are too expensive or just impossible, but everyone is allowed to dream! So this is my wish list!

1. A new office chair. I had to throw my old chair away, it was totally destroyed by the cats and the fabric on the seat was worn so thin it was really on its last leg. My dream chair would be a Louis Ghost by Kartell, but anything will do!

2. Fabulous shoes! Something with spikes maybe, a lady can never have too many shoes! I've sold a few pairs I didn't wear often, so I deserve something new ;P Spiky Litas by Jeffrey Campbell would be perfect! I also really like the glitter ones, I think they would compliment my all-black outfits nicely.

3. A kitten. Who wouldn't want a little furry little cat on Christmas? Or any other day? ;P I'm determined to one day be the owner of a chocolate point siamese cat. I could do with a seal point also, but I think the chocolates look prettier! And all my orientals are some variation of chocolate.

Picture from Silvanest cattery

4. A Monster High doll. I've been drooling over Venus McFlytrap, but haven't bought her because I've promised myself I'll find a place for every item in the apartment before I'll buy anything new to clog the place. But she's so pretty! I also like Cupid, Skelita and I totally need a Clawdene to customize. I'm not sure if the Scaris-series is coming to Finland, but all the dolls look gorgeous!

5. A black shower curtain. It would totally finish our bathroom! The sink is black, and we threw out the old icky shower curtain, and the one the came with the apartment is a fugly white one with bamboo motifs. Well, it's not that ugly, but just doesn't fit our style. I think a black one would fit in better!

That's all I can come up with. I also have a birthday coming up, and we should have a house warming party, but I just don't have the time or energy to plan any parties right now. I hate this time of year, it's mostly pitch black outside (the sun rises around ten and sets after three o'clock, so I don't even get to see any light unless I take a stroll outside instead of eating lunch) and now there's also snow and it's very cold. And then there's the Christmas shopping in crowded stores and the effin' carols!

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  1. I love the Louis Ghost chair, so simple and beautiful!


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