Sunday, 23 December 2012

Winter Wear

Here's my outfit of the day, the outdoor style ;P Yesterday there was a great pre-Christmas party at a friends' house, so today I've so far only watched TV and eaten, and I stopped by to feed another friend's kitty. It's super cold outside and there's tons of snow everywhere!

Hood/scarf - Made by my sister
Coat - H&M
Mittens - Made by my friend Nina, these are the coolest mittens ever!
Jeans - GinaTricot
Shoes - Spirit Store
Bag - H&M


  1. I love the hood/scarf! Must ask my mother to make one for me.. :) I have no skills whatsoever in knitting. But may I ask, is it a large scarf that is wrapped around like a hood? (That would make it simpler to make, I believe.) Looks very comfy, and warm. :D

    1. Thank you! It's actually a big loop, so big that if I just put it on my head, it reaches down to my waist. I think a large scarf would work too, but the loop style is really nice and makes it easy to wrap around your head, so you can use it instead of a hat too.

  2. The coat is beautiful! I love the fake fur trim on it, it has a lovely colour. God Jul

    1. Thanks! And god Jul till dig ochså, or hyvää joulua as we say in Finland! :)


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