Friday, 14 December 2012

Pretty Lights

I've been looking at Christmas lights, because I wanted something to bring some light into the darkness. Then I saw an ad by Stockmann about the La case de cousin Paul lights and they looked really nice! So I went to the department store and had a look, and they had the perfect set for me: with turquoise and purple lights. It's called Mancora, and there were other colours too, with different names. One set was purple and grey, really nice, but I felt the turquoise was better since we already have turquoise in the living room.

The set has different shades of the colours, and all the balls are made of yarn. So neat! They are currently just sitting on a window sill on top of a lamb pelt.


  1. So gorgeous! I must get some nice ones like that one day! My boyfriend will not let me get the cheap ones in case they turn out to be those ones that explode and burn down the house. He is probably right, ha ha.

    1. Thanks! I think most lights are pretty safe (although I almost melted one set last Christmas), but you should go for led lights, the barely emit any heat so they should always be fine. And they last a long time!


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