Friday, 4 January 2013

Current Obsessions

I splurged on a new curling iron, because I wanted one that gives large curls that look more like waves when brushed open. And since I totally love my Remington Pearl Wand, I went and got the larger version, Remington Pearl Pro Curl. Unlike the wand, this one does not taper towards the end, and thus the curls are looser. It's just as easy to use as the wand (I ditched the "protective glove", it's really thin and you can't feel the hair in your grip with it) or even easier. My hair is so long that I sometimes have problems fitting all the hair on the wand, and the strand can slide towards the end of the wand if wound too tightly. There are not similar problems with the Pro Curl, it's so big there's plenty of room for the hair strand and it doesn't slide anywhere. I think loose curls make my hair look neater, the ends can look a bit frizzy when left straight.

Picture from the Remington page.

White and green tea
I got a packet of white tea by Nordqvist before Christmas, mainly because the package was so nice ;P I usually drink a lot of tea, but my favourites have all been black tea so far, so I was surprised that the white tea was so tasty! I've also tasted some green teas and most are really nice, though not as nice as white tea.

Picture from the Nordqvist tea company page.

Gel nails
I ordered a pile of nail tips from China recently, and got a few new new types I had not tried before. I'm itching to try purple glitter tips and tiny white french tips, especially now that my own nails are not looking so nice. I think the cold weather of December dried them out, and now they are constantly breaking. My friend Anniina is coming over today to try her skills at gel nails, I volunteered to offer a hand or two to experiment on :P


  1. Mm white tea is so delicious. I have stopped using milk in tea (or in anything else as well, instead I make my own almond milk to serve with it. I like the almond milk better than cow milk.

    1. Interesting! I might try almond milk too, I googled and it didn't seem too hard to make. And the cashew nut alternative also sounded delicious, thanks for the tip :)

  2. Oooh I've seen that curling wand before, was considering getting one but not sure if I'd prefer the larger or smaller one. Would love to see pics of the way you style your hair with yours

    1. I would have taken a few pics today, but the camera battery died! I'll try to make a post about the differences, I think many people are having a hard time choosing :)


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