Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sugarpill Swatches Part II

Here are some more Sugarpill Chromalust swatches! The first part of the post can be found here.

A very unique shade, I don't think I have any similar colours in my collection. Absinthe is a medium grass green with golden shimmer.

Lumi means snow in Finnish, and this really is a snowy shade! Lumi is a sheer white shadows with a strong blue shift.

Tiara looks very different in the pot than on skin. It's a metallic silver shade with lots of shimmer as is fitting. Quite neutral, I believe it changes to warm or cold depending on the wearer's skintone.

Stella is among my favourites, it's a great colour for a smoky eye with a twist. Very dark, opaque black base with tons of multicoloured glitter.

Junebug has a dark base that mostly looks taupe or brown, and lots of turquoise shimmer and microglitter. I find this shade quite hard to combine with others, but it's very pretty and works nicely for a smoky look on its own.


  1. I am so in love with Stella and Absinthe - got them as little samples with my orders there... and now thinking about to order them both soon - great colors!

    1. Both are really nice colours, I think you would like them! :)

  2. Woah. Absinthe looks awesome!
    Think I might buy it.. he he.

  3. I love tiara and stella. Very nice swatches!

  4. Lovely colours! I have a similar green from Makeup store, but without the golden shimmer. I love the dark ones, I think Junebug would be nice with a mauve or purple eyeshade or maybe even brown.


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