Thursday, 5 March 2015


This is me answering questions on a live stream about the game I'm working on, and cutting labels for the moth jewellery that should be finished very soon. This is why I'm not updating the blog decently ;D The game is coming out in a few days so I've been super busy. To take a peek at the game, Cities: Skylines, here's the link to it on Steam.


  1. Onko tällä pelillä jotain merkittävää eroa tuohon uusimpaan SimCity5- peliin? :) Mielenkiinnosta kyselen!

    1. On! Tässä on sikana isommat kartat, vai yksinpelin, ei always onlinea ja modaustyökalut mukana :)

      Meillä on ollut esikuvana SimCity 4, että koitetaan mennä vähän old schoolimpien kaupunginrakentelupelien suuntaan, mutta nykyaikaisella käyttöliittymällä ettei pelaajan tarvii seikkailla menuissa turhaan.

  2. Oh I'm so excited about Cities: Skylines!! It looks like a really awesome game!
    I wanted to buy it but right now I don't have a machine with the requirements needed :(
    When I upgrade I will definitely get it, for the moment it will be seating on my Steam wishlist.
    You guys have done a great job !Congrats about the upcoming release, i wish you luck and success:)


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