Monday, 18 May 2015

Ropecon Outfits

Here's pictures from my extended Helsinki and Espoo trip! Last week I travelled to Helsinki on Monday evening, gave a presentation at the Games First event on Tuesday, went out for dinner with friends on Wednesday, had sushi lunch and went to Kiasma art museum with my brother on Thursday, then checked out the Steam Helsinki bar with the rest of the Ropecon entourage on Thursday evening.

From Friday to Sunday I enjoyed Ropecon, the largest non-commercial roleplaying event in Europe! I've been going to Ropecon for something like fifteen years and it's always lovely. This year was the first time I participated in the costume competition because I had my Demon Hunter armour with me. I also did a few photoshoots in the armour, it's super tiring because it's so heavy to wear, but the results looked gorgeous!

So today I was a good girl and back at the office with work as usual. On Thursday my other half and I are leaving for Leipzig, so no rest for the wicked! And tomorrow I have another photoshoot with the Demon Hunter costume, it will sure feel lovely to wear the huge pauldron when the bruises it left on Saturday are still sore. But what wouldn't I do for some awesome pictures! ;D

Going to Steam Helsinki

Preparing for Ropecon Friday at the hotel.

Friday's Victorian outfit with steam punk-y sunglasses.

I love how well the top made by Tiina of Rogue fits the skirt!

Look at my muscles ;P

Demon Hunter on Saturday.

On Sunday I spent my day in just jeans and a t-shirt for comfort! I always love the variety of stuff to do at Ropecon, this year I learned about the history of piracy, of how Atlas games publishes games, saw a Game of Thrones burlesque performance and listened to a geek choir sing songs from Skyrim, Doctor Who and the Moomins! Nest year Ropecon will be held at Messukeskus, so it's bye bye to Espoo and Dipoli, looking forward to seeing what wonderful things they have there!


  1. Musta on vähän hyvän maun vastaista kisata Suomen tosi pienessä coniskenessä kaksi kertaa samalla puvulla, joka on jo kuitenkin kertaalleen pukukisan voittanut. Hieno puku ei siinä. :P

    1. Saahan sitä mieltä olla, mutta kun mä olen laittanut pukuun kuukauden verran vapaa-aikaani ja monta satasta, aion sitä käyttää sen verran kun vaan voin :) Joissain kisoissa on säännöt siitä saako osallistua aiemmin sijoittuneella puvulla, ja niitä tulee tietysti kunnioittaa, muissa kisoissa ei selvästi olla tästä kovin huolestuneita kun sääntöä aiheesta ei ole.

  2. Wooow, I love it! Enjoy the week honey!

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  3. I love the dress in the first photo and your demon hunter costume is amazing!

  4. Wow, you look amazing in that dress! And I always think tattoos go well with Victorian and Steampunk!

    1. Thank you! I like the look also, especially when my tattoos are kind of old fashioned with the lace and skulls :)

  5. The long dress is beautiful and I love the hairstyle you wore with it!


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