Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Twisted Magazine and Finnish Alternative Models

I participated in a group photoshoot some time ago. It was organized by the Finnish Alternative Models community and the main point was to get pictures that represent Finnish alt models well and can be published along with an article at Twisted magazine.

Here's the shot that made it to the magazine! This is Disa, me, Didi Ou and Tiina of Rogue. The photographer is Leena Flinck.

I think we had a great energy at the shoot! We all knew each other beforehand and worked together dynamically. To me it really shows in the shot that we had fun!

The theme was basically Pussycat Dolls like pictures, but with people in alternative clothes. So I chose to wear my shiniest PVC corset and super shiny pants together with very high heeled buckle boots. As a second thought I maybe should have curled the ends of my hair, but it works nicely as is.


  1. love it, you look grand!!! and i personally love the uncurled hair

    1. Thank you so much! The hair looks so different with curled and non-curled ends, I guess both styles work :)

  2. Uh, pakko kysellä mitkä pöksyt on kyseessä/mistä mahtaneet löytyä, tosi komeet verrattuna näihin kaikkialla velloviin wetlookkiversioihin :)


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