Thursday, 30 July 2015

Black and White

Back home for a little while! I'm going on a business trip on Sunday, so just a short stay at home so I can change all the pvc clothes in my suitcase to jeans and game t-shirts for the upcoming game convention ;D I did a little shopping on my two extra days at Cologne (aside from seeing all the museums I had wanted to see for ages).

These cute little socks were one of the things I got for myself at Primark. Viivi Vanessa at Black Saliva has the cutest socks and sandals look and I wanted something similar, and my sandals are still so new and stiff that they chafe me. And the fact that it's been the coldest summer in Finland in 50 years, so the only way to get to wear sandals is with socks.

Sandals - Depeche from Nilson Shoes
Socks - Primark

Now wish me luck in trying to overcome a cold in just two days! I caught a cold at Cologne and it's poop because this is my last week of vacation. And I have to give a speech next week and be ready to show off the game and all. Right now I'm mainly interested in sleeping and hot beverages, but I'm hoping this will pass very soon.


  1. You rock the socks!! ;-) I have seen loads of sandals like these but only in white, unpractical and unpretty colour for shoes. I hope that you will get better soon enough to the convent. Take care of yourself!

  2. Ihanan söpöt sukat ja kivasti sopii kenkien kanssa yhteen! Pikaista paranemista, kipeänä on aina kurja olla. Toivottavasti ehdit parantua ennen esiintymistäsi!

  3. Aargh, just kun mä oon juossut ympäri Tamperetta etsimässä mustia röyhelösukkia - turhaan! :D

  4. Those socks and sandals are soooo cute!


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