Saturday, 4 July 2015

Copper Orange Outfit

This was me yesterday at Lumous! I wore my copper orange taffeta outfit, complete with a little hat. I'm so proud of this outfit, it's been some time since I took on any big sewing projects, so I'm surprised it turned out this nice! I did have to do some fixes, because I had measured the length of the skirt to work on me when I wasn't wearing shoes, so it was too short with any heels. I hate doing things again, but I think it really made the whole outfit a lot better when I got the extra 10 cm from wearing heels!

It was quite hot, especially with the wig, but I think it looked better with this outfit than my own hair. Today I'll wear something easier that easier to move around in, but possibly just as hot ;P

The pattern for the top is by Truly Victorian, and I have to say it's just brilliant! The instructions were easy to follow and the pattern was exactly what I wanted. It has little sleeves too, but I felt they were a bit too much and just left them out. I really like the look of the off-the-shoulder straps, they give the whole outfit such a nice silhouette. My favourite part of the bodice is the little pleated tail that falls perfectly over the bustle and definitely completes the look.

Do you have any big sewing projects under way? I'm already dreaming of a rococo gown, if only I can find my old patterns, because I should have the perfect pattern for stays that the gown needs as underwear.


  1. Wow that's a piece of art! you are so talented. Looking absolutely amazing, as always :)
    Loevens makeup rambles

    1. Thank you so much! I was so ready to give up when I had to sew the side zipper again, but I'm glad I did it :)

  2. My friend made me an amazing outfit from Truly Victorian, unfortunately it was very fitted and I will never be that skinny again.

    You look amazing, especially with the crazy height of those heels!

    I hope it was cooler today!

  3. Upee asu! Hyvin onnistuit :) Miulla on edelleen se pitsinen maksi mekko työn alla.. Periaatteessa ei puutu paljon ja tää on helppo projekti, mut aikaa ei tunnu olevan tarpeeks ;)

  4. Wonderful work <3 you have some mad skills!
    I never thought I would like this colour but you made it look fantastic :D

    I'm working on a cosplay of Furiosa, from the last Mad Max movie. I'm almost done with her clothes and harness. Next up is casting her belt buckle in aluminium and I also will be doing the prosthetic metal arm^^

  5. You look amazing! The colour looks great on you - I already noticed that with the hat! And the style is so pompous, a true work of art!

  6. You look amazing in that copper colour! I hope you do more victorian goth outfits. It really suits you. :)

  7. I still have a hard time recognizing you with the brown wig... it makes you look so unexpectedly...ordinary? I would love to see the black wig go with the amazing outfit.
    You might be a cool colour type (maybe even a winter type), and bright colours seem to match your complexion a bit better than warm ones like copper, which bring out the red undertones more noticeably. But still, you wear it with panache, and the style really suits you. It must have been hell to sew this mass of fabric... you've done wonderfully, I always admire the ability not to give up just in the middle (like I'm very prone to...)

  8. Gorgeous! I salute you for wearing that when it was so hot out!

  9. I must say that having seen you live in this, it was certainly the queen of the night dress for my eye. I'm not a Goth fashion conesseur, but definitely am blown away that you actually did it yourself. Well done! Pefect color and composition. The straps are indeed just right. I am wondering if I could maybe publish a picture I took of you in my own blog with a link to yours..? I will blog about Lumous in general. I will send you an email about it (if British bloody internet would let me). My friend has just told me about your blog. I'm very pleased to find something interesting to read for many days to come:)


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