Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Super Quick Shopping in Germany

While the trip was busy, I managed to find the time to visit a few shops. German shops have an excellent selection of natural cosmetics, even in the smaller stores. I also like many of the cheap-o brands there that are not available in Finland. What I really would have wanted was a couple of Nyx lip butter glosses, but apparently Douglas doesn't carry Nyx or it's available only in selected shops.

2-in-1 Weleda cleansing milk and toner, back combing brush, hair clips, two lip gloss stains, Weleda almond lotion and pomegranate oil, a pair of white contact lenses.
I still did find a few things I liked even with no Nyx in sight! I had planned to do a no-buy this month, but trips don't count, right? ;D It would be just silly to not buy stuff I need for cheap prices abroad!

I always buy a bottle of this cleanser whenever in Germany. It costs less than half of what it does in Finland
 (about 7 euros in Germany compared to almost 17 in Finland). It works very well for my skin and I've
 gone through two bottles already.

The Catrice lip gloss stains looked interesting and cost around six euros, so I grabbed a couple. They tend to feather a bit on my lips, but the gloss + stain effect is very nice. Even when the gloss wears off the stain remains, so lips look neat for a long time. The almond face cream and pomegranate oil are trial sizes and cost only a few euros, so I wanted to give them a go since I like Weleda's cleanser so much. The contact lenses I bought from a stall at the Gamescom marketplace. White ones are sometimes hard to get a hold of in Finland and while the prices were almost the same (20 euros for a pair) I saved on shipping when I could just pick them up.

Primark was a new experience for me! My colleague suggested we visit it. I got a back combing brush for 1,50 euros and two packs of black hair clips for 1,50 per pack. I had been looking for long, simple clips so I could clip curls in position to cool when I'm curling my hair, but had not found suitable ones. These look just right and the price was very good!


  1. Didn't know germany has primark! It's such a great shop for cheap stuff :D

  2. Love primark it's so useful and cheap!


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