Saturday, 30 August 2014

Tapir and Polar Bear Look

A quick make-up look! This is Fyrinnae Tapir and Fyrinnae Polar Bear. Tapir is a plum purple in the jar, but goes very brown on my skin. In this look I put in on a dark base done with Nyx Jumbo Eye Pen in Black Bean, so it's even darker than usually. Not exactly the shade I was going for, but still looks nice!

Polar Bear is a light yellowish beige with a strong gold sheen. It usually works great with plum purples, but apparently it's also nice with a more brownish shade too :)

And full face, with a slightly smudged pink lip gloss stain (sorry!)


  1. The golden eyeshadow is beautiful! Your makeup makes me think of Cleopatra.

  2. Looks gorgeous!


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