Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Monday at WGT

Monday is always the day of the festival when shops are closed and you rush to do the last things you thought you had plenty of time for. We went out for breakfast at Moritz and took a tram to the Südfriedhof, the southern graveyard. I wanted to take pictures of the grave monuments so I can use them for posters and such.

Moritzbastei breakfast.

Grave at the cemetary. And pine cones, those were always under my boots when I didn't look
where I was going!

After the graveyard we decided to visit the medieval market in the center of the city. It would have been a nice place to grab something to eat, but the heat was too intense and there was barely any shade. So my other half just got us a few fancy met bottles to take home and we went to a restaurant instead.

Agra was the next stop, first shopping and then listening to bands. In the end we only bought a souvenir for our cat-sitter and sat outside for a few beers before the bands started. The first performer, God Module, had cancelled but Rabia Sorda was replacing them and worked well. I'm pretty sure I've seen them before but just couldn't remember clearly ;D The next one was Faderhead, which was unfamiliar to me but really hit the spot. Great music and great energy on the stage!

Best band picture ever, just copy paste anything in the middle ;P


We had plans to see the last band, Oomph!, too, but the venue heated up so much that I just had to go back to the hotel and get some rest. Us Scandinavians are not made for temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius!


  1. This weather is also too hot for the germans, that heat is normally not typical for Germany, but I think the weather here becomes more and more extreme...(some weeks ago we had about 13-15° C). We were also at WGT and suffered from the heat, but I loved the days in Leipzig nevertheless! By the way I saw you yesterday in the evening from the distance for a short moment :) I like your blog and to read your experiences at Leipzig :)
    Perhaps you have seen the singer of Rabia Sorda with the band "Hocico"?

    1. Thank you, so nice that you like the blog! Good to know the heat is not normal, maybe next year will be a bit cooler :) At least it was now easy to stay out of the sun so I was in no danger of burning my skin! It could be that I was remembering Hocico! I know Rabia Sorda was in Finland years back, but I can't remember if I went to see them or not ;P But I did see Hocico, that much I do remember ;D

  2. The heat can definitely be the worst thing about music festivals. Why are they all in the summer?? I love Faderhead! Too bad God Module cancelled, they are a fun band to watch!


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