Saturday, 7 June 2014

WGT Friday Fun

Wave Gotik Treffen again! We arrived on Thursday, late in the evening, and just had a few beers with friends and went to bed. On Friday the real fun started!

We are staying at an apartment hotel, so breakfast was sandwiches from our own fridge ;P After popping to the supermarket (I bought a new glittery nail polish, and maybe some food too, but the nail polish is awesome) we headed out to Agra market place.

This one is from the art exhibition at Agra Cafe. This picture is from the "Empire of Death" book, which I own and adore.
It has pictures of charnel houses and other places where bones are displayed, like skeletons of saints on display. 

Cool little alien statue for sale!

Me looking at discount clothes. In the end I didn't buy anything yet, I have a few items I might go back and take a look at again. And I might need a pair of horns ;P

A gorgeous scale mail corset by Bibian Blue.

First apfelschorle of the trip! I love this apple drink, I drink loads whenever in Germany ;D
With Agra behind us, the next stop (after eating) was the Victorian Picnic. I had never been there before, but it was a very nice event. The weather was perfect, there were plenty of gorgeous outfits to be seen, and the fruit and sparkling wine we bought tasted delicious.

A couple of other people went to the picnic too. This is only part of the visitors, I couldn't fit the whole area in one picture!

My most erotic moment eating a piece of kiwi fruit ever ;D OM NOM NOM

Less kiwi fruit, more hat. I made the fascinator on Wednesday, I think the glitter makes it look great!
I also wore my old ruff, but it got a bit floppy in the heat. The necklace is from Artwithlatex and the bindi was bought on the same day from Claire's. The lipstick is MUA Kooky and eyeshadow Deepmoss by Femme Fatale.

The whole outfit!
I wore a simple outfit because of the heat, and played it up with accessories. Sensible shoes were a good choice on the uneven grass of the park!

Dress - Black Milk Evil Cheerleader Lace 2.0
Body (beneath the lace dress) - H&M
Boots - Unif High Trench
Necklace - Artwithlatex

The rest of the day was spent at Agra and Heidnisches Dorf, mostly drinking and eating and listening to music. Since we went to bed quite early, right after Apoptygma Berzerk had played, I'm well rested and ready for what today brings :)


  1. Oh man, I love your ruff - I highly doubt that it would fit into my wardrobe, but I want one now! I'm still keep on getting that Empire of Death book, as everyone has been raving about it.

    1. The book is really great! It's well worth the price in my opinion, I can spend hours just browsing the pictures :) Maybe a smaller ruff would work better for you? I think the small ones look great and are easier to wear, not so overwhelming as the large ones :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's a favourite of mine, very easy to combine with different outfits :)

  3. Your headpiece is beautiful and that scale male corset is stunning!

    1. Thank you! The corset was so awesome, the cut was perfect and the scales just the right shade of metal, a great piece!

  4. Look at all those awesome stuff and the amazing pictures! Your headpiece is a-ma-zing!

    x Dawn

  5. The fascinator / ruff combo is to die for!! Loving the new hair colour, too!! Super cute as always! <3 <3 <3

  6. You encountered so many awesome things! That scale mail corset is a dream.
    I love how your lipstick looks with your new hair colour.

    1. Thank you! The lipstick match was a happy coincidence, they are just the right shade of purple to match :)

  7. Hi there! My friends came back from wgt (I couln´t go) and brought me a pair of horns as a present, saying that they saw a girl rocking them out, so I should also own a pair. The girl they meant, were you! (deciding by their description of your outfits, whoch I saw here :))
    But my question is, Could you tell me, where did you get the ruff, please? It´s so fabulous! Looking perfect and taking any outfit two levels higher!

    1. What great friends you have that they brought you horns! So nice to know they liked my look :)

      I made the ruff myself, it isn't too hard but just takes some time because the ruffles need to be hand stitched. It basically has a strip of fabric as a base and the folded fabric is hand-sewn on the base, then finished with plastic beads on stitches that hold the ruff loops together. I didn't find a nice tutorial, but looked at many online before making my own. I think a ruff is an excellent accessory, it works with many outfits :) Happy sewing!

  8. Ooh, that´s sounds impossible for me, I am so clumsy :D
    But I guess it´s good you can´t simply buy one, makes it even more special :)

    Btw, I eventually got a bit smaller pair of purple horns with eyes on them! Totally crazy :))
    Thanks for you answer, though!


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