Monday, 9 June 2014

Sunday at WGT

Sunday was painfully hot and Monday looks like it might be even worse! The morning started with my other half and I sneaking out to find a pastry. We are sharing a hotel apartment with friends and since there was a birthday happening, a cake like thing was in order.

Happy b-day, Tiia! It's an apple tart thingie with vegetarian candy ;)
Next stop was going to Sixtina to buy a bottle of absinthe to take home. We stopped for a short picnic while on the way, just to enjoy some cool air in the park.

Too many horns or enough horns?
Sixtina had moved to a new place, not far, but the place was packed. We tried to find a place to sit, but ended up having a sip of absinthe and a few Grave Digger's beers in the grass outside. It was lovely to sit in the shade and the Sixtina's absinthe with less anise than usual was truly delicious!

Sixtina. Look at the cool bat hanging from the ceiling!

The interior, they even had a nice dead tree ;D

Me and my low anise absinthe!
After a quick pit stop at the hotel we went to eat and checked the Alte Landratsamt, but the place was so hot we opted to go elsewhere and not with a (hot) tram. So Moritzbastei it was! The place was quite empty in the early evening, but also cool, so I can't complain.

Moritzbastei is a series of brick arches, you seem to find a new dance floor at every corner! 
There was a performance starting, so I went to see Trepaneringsritualen. It was an experience! Noise with a guy with a bag over his head shouting over it. I wouldn't listen to it on cd, but as an experience in a dark brick cellar with audience all silent, it was awesome.


Delicious drinks at Moritz.
When I found the rest of our party after the show, they had managed to get the best table in the whole place! One that was on a courtyard but out on the edge of it, so people didn't push past it all the time. There was even a slight wind occasionally going over the table and helping with the heat. So an excellent spot to have a few cola-biers before going to the hotel to sleep!


  1. I'm looking at the Mera Luna flyers under your cup. Can't help to notice And One is part of the line up.
    Lovely apple tart ♥

  2. I absolutely love your necklace, and you can never have too many horns! Lovely.


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