Sunday, 8 June 2014

Saturday's Adventures at WGT

What a fun night! Yesterday I did some shopping and listened to three different bands and learned how to order a weinschorle with dry white wine ;P

Chi Chi Love Monster dogs at the department store. How cool is a plushie dog in a dress named Dracula? ;D I actually got one called Frankenstein, but it's not in the picture.

After shopping at the center of the city we ate and popped to agra. I finally bought horns, two pairs actually ;P
But these had this lovely pearlescent purple shade which went great with my hair color. As soon as I tried them on at the booth I knew I had to have them!

This is us at K3 Lounge, cooling off outside. It was like a sauna, but you had to keep your clothes on!
I hadn't been to K3 before, it was a really small, intimate venue, which I liked. I want to feel a connection with the band playing, and it's much easier in a small place where the musicians are close. The downside was that the place was VERY hot, but at least it made the air outside feel cool for a while ;) We listened to Sweet Ermengarde and Arts of Erebus. I had heard Sweet Ermengarde before, on their album some of the songs are a little bit too metal for my taste, but while playing live they had a more rock sound which appealed to me more. Arts of Erebus was new to me, but I did like how they sounded, they had quite a classical gothic rock sound going on.

After Arts of Erebus finished, we walked to Altes Landratsamt to see the last band playing there, Sonne Hagal. The place was packed, but we found a really good spot near the stage and enjoyed rum and coke drinks while listening to the serene neo folk. I didn't recognize many of the songs, but I liked the sound and atmosphere.

Sonne Hagal
To finish the evening my other half and I walked to Moritzbastei to have a few drinks. The whole day was painfully hot. Maybe thanks to me being used to the weather in Finland I get tired easily in the heat. But it was still a great day, lots of good music and drinks and I finally got the horns I wanted ;P


  1. The horns are fantastic! You look beautifully eerie in the evening light!

  2. Such adorable plushies. And that sounds like the perfect day to me.

    1. I still have to take a picture of mine, it's turquoise and has a bone through its head ;D

  3. Aww, you look so happy with your horns (which suit you perfectly!) and that bottle! So nice you've had great time at WGT. ^_^

    1. Thank you, it was a great festival! It could have been a bit colder, but I can enjoy the cold and rain in Finland now ;P


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