Monday, 16 June 2014

Things I Learned at WGT

Taken at the gazebo at Clara-Zetkin-Park after the Victorian picnic.

  • Skin-tight PVC clothing actually transfers heat well, so it's a good choice for hot weather. Cotton-wearers seemed to have a harder time than I did in my PVC dress.
  • Horns are in this year. Yay!
  • I NEED a huge Victorian skirt. 
  • And a hat to match, but making one will be fun!

Near the hotel there was a nice graffiti with just the right shade of yellow
to set off my hair!

  • If I could buy fruit ready for eating (peeled, sliced) in Finland, I'd eat a lot more fruit.
  • The same bird song that on the first night was lovely and romantic can be a pain in the ass after three nights when you can't keep the window open because the birds are so loud. Damn you nightingale-outside-the-hotel!
  • Picnics are always a good idea.

The must have accessory: fan.

  • I don't think I will ever manage to pack the right amount of clothing. This year I was very close, the only items I did not wear were my jacket, one belt and a hood. And the hood would have been fine if I didn't get the horns, it didn't work with them.
  • Always pack plenty of eyeshadow. You never know what colour you will want to wear!
  • I kinda like steampunk. It has finally grown on me! And would work well with the huge Victorian skirt I need to own...
  • Low-anise absinthe is the shiz.

Less anise = more delicious for me!

  • After the festival you always feel like you didn't have the time to do all the things you wanted. But that's okay, there was still lots of fun had!


  1. I am dying to go to WGT! One day, I hope! Damn, now I want a picnic!

    1. Yay for picnics! In Finland it's currently effin' cold, it actually snowed yesterday and it's supposed to be summer here ;D So my picnics might have to wait. I love WGT, it's a great festival and I can definitely recommend it!

  2. Karollina, you were too beautiful for this event! :)

  3. love the necklace

  4. happy you had fun! considering the heat i am surprised pvc wasn´t a problem, i kind of laughed in my mind imagining all those people wearing victorian velvet dresses when it´s 30+ outside. if i would go to the wgt one day i will just wear shorts and a bra and that´s it XD

    1. I think wearing anything is optional at WGT, you could get away with just bodypaint ;D


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