Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sephora Haul

I did indeed have time to stop quickly by a Sephora in Stockholm! It was my first time there (in the shop, not in the city) and it was great to be able to see and try products that are not available in Finland.

This is what I got! The products have a red glare from the curtain on the window I was taking the photos
on, sorry! Top row from left to right: Sephora hand cream in Peony, Benefit Porefessional primer,
Sephora primer, and the ones at the bottom are a limited edition Sephora lip gloss and a Sephora matte
liquid lipstick.
Sephora primer. The inci says it's basically just silicone, but it might work
well wit my skin.

Benefit the Porefessional. This primer promises to minimize
the appearance of pores and create a smooth surface for the
foundation. It has lots of silicone in it, and feels much like any
smoothing silicone primer, slick and smooth. I'm wearing it right
now to test if it helps out with my oily skin!

Sephora Moisturizing Hand Cream in Peony. This one I picked just because I was
disappointed since I couldn't buy any body care products. All the sizes were too big because I
only had a hand luggage and you can't bring anything bigger than 100 ml on the plane.
I really like the smell of this lotion! It doesn't seem very moisturising, but it's absorbed fast
and the smell is divine.

Sephora Long Lasting Vinyl Lip Laquer gloss in Provocative Black. I just totally needed this since I had never seen a black gloss that's so opaque ;P

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 07 Dark Berry. I like stains, so I wanted to give this one a go. I haven't worn it on my lips yet,
but the texture is very interesting, sort of a satin finish with a rubbery, slightly moist feel. The colour is a warm, dark red with some cooler red shimmer.
Here's just a quick peek, so far I haven't tried all the products (well, I only bought them yesterday!) but I'll write more detailed reviews after I've gotten familiar with them :)

For anyone visiting Stockholm and looking for a Sephora, it's on Biblioteksgatan. It's easy to find by going to Sergels torg (you can get off the metro at T-Centralen and follow the signs) and following Hamngatan until you come to Norrmalmstorg square. Just walk through the square to the north edge and Biblioteksgatan is the pedestrian street that leads off the square. The Sephora can be seen from the end of the street. There's also an Urban Outfitters store on Biblioteksgatan for us poor Finns who don't have it at home ;D


  1. I would be in heaven inside a Sephora! I think there is one in London here in the UK but I wish they would deliver! If I ever get to visit America someday it'll be on my list of shops to visit! ♥

    1. Well, Stockholm is closer than the State,s you could always try that ;D But the store was really very nice, with helpful sales persons and a great selection!

  2. The POREfessional worked really well for me. My daughter destroyed it and I have yet to purchase another tube. I have a few asian versions on my eBay watch list that I'd like to give a try. =]

    1. So good to know it worked for you and boo for it being destroyed! I've tried it now for two days and it seems to be doing nicely.

  3. Black lip laquer sounds wonderful :3 I don't think we have a Sephora in The Netherlands (I've never come across one), but it sounds like a wonderful type of store ^^

    1. The laquer feels really good, I'll take better pictures soon! I believe the Stockholm Sephora is quite new, so maybe they are expanding :)

  4. I have been considering getting a black gloss, since it looked so awesome in some lancome ads from few years ago (they applied it over red lips):D I am curious how it will look on you! also the lipstains look good!
    I had a sample of this exact base and plan to get a full size, because it's really good! it absolutely smooths the skin and prolongs the makeup wear time:D

    1. I promise I'll write a review of the black gloss soon! I haven't tried it on my lips yet, but on skin it looks very dark and doesn't wash off even with soap, so I'm pretty hopeful it will be a good product!


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