Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tracon 2013

This weekend Tracon was once again happening in Tampere Hall. I had promised to help out at the Finnish roleplaying games sales table, otherwise I might have been tempted to skip the event since I was so tired after two days in Stockholm!

I wanted to wear fancy make-up because I've been a bit lazy with my looks lately, and it's a shame to let pretty colours just sit it the vanity.

Sugarpill Afterparty on inner lids, Sugarpill Poison Plum on outer halfs!

I paired the bright shadow with a bright pink shade on Lips2Last liquid lipstick.

At Tracon. My problem with anime conventions is that for some weird reason people like to stand in the middle of hallways and block passage. The event was sold out before twelve, so it might be just the volume of visitors, but it's been the same at other anime themed cons I've been to. Never in game conventions or roleplaying conventions, thought.

Anniina and me! Just look at her pretty outfit!

Shirt - Second hand
Skirt - Monki (second hand)
Boots - New Rock

I did a pretty short shift yesterday and went back home to eat. One of my geckos is not feeling too well and needs to be hand fed, so I opted to stay home for the evening and enjoy a nap to get over the tiredness from the trip. The gecko seems to be doing better today, I hope she will recover. Today I've already helped with the roleplaying table, the event seemed to go very well!

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