Monday, 31 December 2012

Outfit of the Day

This is what I wore on New Year!

Shug - Second hand
Top - GinaTricot
(the glimmer on my chest is the glittery bra I got for Christmas ;P)
Belt - Only
Skirt - Lip Service
Shoes - Iron Fist

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Yule!

Happy winter solstice! I'm so happy the days start getting longer and there will be more light. To celebrate, I give you a picture of sleepy cats on a window sill against a backdrop of snowfall :)

I wish peaceful and joyous holidays to all my readers!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Winter Wear

Here's my outfit of the day, the outdoor style ;P Yesterday there was a great pre-Christmas party at a friends' house, so today I've so far only watched TV and eaten, and I stopped by to feed another friend's kitty. It's super cold outside and there's tons of snow everywhere!

Hood/scarf - Made by my sister
Coat - H&M
Mittens - Made by my friend Nina, these are the coolest mittens ever!
Jeans - GinaTricot
Shoes - Spirit Store
Bag - H&M

Friday, 21 December 2012

Starling And Chusi Look

Yesterday I wanted to try a purple and blue look. I had seen a great picture online with a gorgeous combination and tried to recreate it from memory. I think this would have worked even with matte shadows, but I like how it came out! I believe the key to making the colours look nice is to have them be the same darkness, so they blend together easily.

I used:
Sugarpill Starling (warm medium blue with a lot of matching sparkle)
Evil Shades Chusi (warm purple with some shimmer)

Here you can see the blending better!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bat Dress - Finally

I knew I wanted this dress when I saw it on Mothmouth's advertisement on her blog, so I instantly ordered it. Turns out it was a great hit (no wonder with those gorgeous photos!) and the shop ran out. I had wait over a month for mine, but it was worth it!

Dress - Backstreet
Jeans - GinaTricot
Shoes - Iron Fist

Möttönen was participating, as usual ;P And please ignore the huge Ikea box behind me, my other half is working on some project and there's boxes everywhere! The dress is super comfy, since it's so loose, and fabric is very soft and nice. I wore mine to work and thus paired it with jeans to stay warm. I also wore leopard print socks, but they looked so silly with patterned pants that I took them off to take the pics ;) Tomorrow is my last day of work before a short holiday, can't wait! It's been super busy these last few weeks, in eager to have some time off.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Outfit of the Day

Sorry I'm looking so blah! None of the pictures were very good.

Top - From my sisters pile of clothes to be sold
Hotpants - Cubus
Boots - My grandmother's old

I wore this to work, just a basic black top and hotpants with opaque tights. Worked well! I got the boots from my grandmother about three years ago, they were her old and fit me perfectly. They have been my go-to boots when it's very cold and slippery.

Belated B-Day Shoes

My other half had ordered me a present, but it didn't arrive in time for the party. On Tuesday evening the courier finally rang the bell and I got to open one more wrapped present. My other half was kinda nervous of getting me a present, he always does it but I always end up liking what he gets me, so there's no reason :) This year was no different, he had chosen the perfect heels!

They are by Iron Fist, with pretty studs and a metallic finish!

I think these zippers are such a great detail with the skulls.
They are metallic grey in colour, so they go with lots of things! He had especially picked shoes with studs and knew that I like Iron Fist in general. So nicely thought, I'm very happy :)

And here's a "behind the scenes" picture ;P Mörkö
and Möttönen want to help and/or are very fond of
the carpet.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

I already wrote about a few eyeshadows I ordered from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics, but here's a view of them all. I really love their packaging, every eyeshadow has a jar with unique stickers, an they all come in triangular jars I haven't seen anywhere else. I was silly an only took pictures of one side of the jars, they have stickers on two sides and you can see the colour of the eyeshadow on the third side. Also the lids are personalized, every one has the Scaredy Cat logo on top and a small strip of sticker that matches the large stickers.

Bear Necessities, Orbital, Y So Sirius, Peacock Blood and Muertos.

Peacock Blood, Bear Necessities, Orbital, Y So Sirius and Muertos.
The jars actually come with sifters, but I like to take them off to get easier access. I like to tap a little amount of the shadow on to the lid and pick it up with a brush from there. Without the sifters it easier to put the excess shadow back without spilling it.

Peacock blood is a blackened burgundy, totally works if you have green eyes!

My camera didn't pick it up well, it's more intense IRL.
Bear Necessities is a golden medium brown. I can imagine it would be gorgeous with blue eyes, but it also works well with darker or lighter browns.

Orbital is a pale taupe with a distinct green-blue sheen. Goes well with Bear Necessities or similar warm browns.

Y So Sirius is also a taupe, but darker and reddish. It's quite hard to describe and I haven't come up with good colour matches yet, but it's a very interesting shade.

Muertos is a dark gunmetal grey with tons of silver sparkle and a hint of blue, green and fuchsia glitter. Like a muted version of Sugarpill Stella, less glittery and more metal-like. And it absolutely has the prettiest label I've seen! It's a sugar skull with cross bones in a black, pink and turquoise colour scheme. 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Happy B-Day To Me!

Today is my birthday! To welcome my 29th year on this earth, I had invited a few friends to have a party. So yesterday evening we drank mulled wine with absinthe, ate cakes, gingerbread and pie, and listened to good music. What a fun evening! It was so nice that many people were able to visit, for some reason I'm always thinking no-one wants to come to my parties, but every time I end up having fun and lots of guests anyway!

Here's what I wore (taken today, I was so busy yesterday I had no time for pictures! I had dark tights and let my hair down yesterday, and didn't have the pretty hairband yet):

Dress - ReStyle
Shoes - Iron Fist (I didn't have shoes the whole evening, we don't usually wear them indoors. But the pics looked poop without them!)
Belt - Second hand
Hairband - A gift from Kerttu and Arttu!

I think this will be my new place to take outfit shots, so you can expect a lot of armpit lights in the future ;P The large mirrors help a lot when it's so dark, they multiply the light from the flash.

I was also overwhelmed how nice gifts I got, everything was like made for me!

Anniina's card was hand-made, with pretty glitter glue, lace and buttons!
Kerttu and Arttu got a pretty pink card, if you look closely it has tiny naked
angels on it ;P

And my superb gifts! A Cramps album, mango lip butter from the Body Shop,
Stargazer nailpolish, the coolest hairband ever, a shirt from Desigual and
a set of coloured markers. There was also a bottle of Glühwein, which I
didn't remember to take a picture of, but it looks delicious! 

Just look at the nailpolish, it's super pretty!

My other half got me some roses (that I got to pick myself) and he hinted
that a mysterious packet might arrive later, how exciting!

This was the biggest gift and one that I instantly found a place for! Thanks Sari and Marko!
Sari is a professional framer and I had been thinking of ordering a custom mirror for my vanity
for some time, and this one is just perfect! Big, dramatic frames and a great colour scheme,
just my kind of thing :)
I big thanks for everyone who came, I'm so happy to have great friends to have a good time with!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Pretty Lights

I've been looking at Christmas lights, because I wanted something to bring some light into the darkness. Then I saw an ad by Stockmann about the La case de cousin Paul lights and they looked really nice! So I went to the department store and had a look, and they had the perfect set for me: with turquoise and purple lights. It's called Mancora, and there were other colours too, with different names. One set was purple and grey, really nice, but I felt the turquoise was better since we already have turquoise in the living room.

The set has different shades of the colours, and all the balls are made of yarn. So neat! They are currently just sitting on a window sill on top of a lamb pelt.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bled A Peacock Look

Today I tried another Scaredy Cat eyeshadow, one that I had been looking at for some time. This one is called Peacock Blood. It's a dark burgundy colour, and somehow my camera didn't pick it up well. It really boosts my greenish eyes! I feel most Scaredy Cat eyeshadows can be a bit too sheer when applied dry, as I did here, but they make for nice everyday colours, and when applied wet they are really intense.

I was in a hurry so no eyeliner!
For lips, I chose a dark red lip stain and topped it with some gloss. It's Berry 003 by Gosh, one of my favourites!

And a full face. I hate how dark it is, so hard to get decent

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Scaredy Cat Bear Necessities

Even with the hassle of moving, I managed to make one Black Friday sale purchase. It was from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics that had all eyeshadows for half price and had a few new colours I hadn't seen before.

Here's Bear Necessities on my lids!

The shade was surprisingly golden, I was expecting something more reddish brown, but it's still very pretty! I really like their other brown shade, Dee's Nuts, too :)

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pre-Christmas Party

The apartment is still unfinished, but yesterday I went out our office's pre-Christmas party. We ate a superb three course meal and went to have a few beers afterwards. Delicious and fun!

I wore a sequin dress I got last week from H&M, I spent a long time pondering if I should buy it, but eventually did. My excuse was that even thought I have lots of nice party dresses, I didn't have a turquoise one! And it was super cheap, only 15 euros.

Sorry about the background, I was in a hurry and the place is a mess ;P

Dress - H&M
Stockings - A gift from my Mom, she brought them from France
Handbag - H&M
Hairband - Seppälä

I have Essie Mint Candy Apple on my nails, I'm so happy I found Elumen hair colours so I can wear lighter colours on my nails. The Directions I used to use faded fast and stained nailpolish when I washed my hair. On my eyelids is Babylon by Moi Cosmetics. I've still not unpacked my makeup, it was the first dark colour I found. I think it works very well with my hair and eyes!

Here's the study currently, I've piled my printer and orchids on the window sill
and there's clothes everywhere! It's also missing a ceiling light ;P

Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Wishlist

I'm bad at wishing for gifts, I usually just go and buy all the stuff I need. I'm horrible at waiting and hate uncertainty! I still love receiving gifts, it makes me feel happy that someone has put the time and effort to get me something :) I'm totally not a Christmas person, I get stressed with buying gifts and always worry if my presents satisfy the receiver, and I HATE Christmas carols.

Most of my wishes are too expensive or just impossible, but everyone is allowed to dream! So this is my wish list!

1. A new office chair. I had to throw my old chair away, it was totally destroyed by the cats and the fabric on the seat was worn so thin it was really on its last leg. My dream chair would be a Louis Ghost by Kartell, but anything will do!

2. Fabulous shoes! Something with spikes maybe, a lady can never have too many shoes! I've sold a few pairs I didn't wear often, so I deserve something new ;P Spiky Litas by Jeffrey Campbell would be perfect! I also really like the glitter ones, I think they would compliment my all-black outfits nicely.

3. A kitten. Who wouldn't want a little furry little cat on Christmas? Or any other day? ;P I'm determined to one day be the owner of a chocolate point siamese cat. I could do with a seal point also, but I think the chocolates look prettier! And all my orientals are some variation of chocolate.

Picture from Silvanest cattery

4. A Monster High doll. I've been drooling over Venus McFlytrap, but haven't bought her because I've promised myself I'll find a place for every item in the apartment before I'll buy anything new to clog the place. But she's so pretty! I also like Cupid, Skelita and I totally need a Clawdene to customize. I'm not sure if the Scaris-series is coming to Finland, but all the dolls look gorgeous!

5. A black shower curtain. It would totally finish our bathroom! The sink is black, and we threw out the old icky shower curtain, and the one the came with the apartment is a fugly white one with bamboo motifs. Well, it's not that ugly, but just doesn't fit our style. I think a black one would fit in better!

That's all I can come up with. I also have a birthday coming up, and we should have a house warming party, but I just don't have the time or energy to plan any parties right now. I hate this time of year, it's mostly pitch black outside (the sun rises around ten and sets after three o'clock, so I don't even get to see any light unless I take a stroll outside instead of eating lunch) and now there's also snow and it's very cold. And then there's the Christmas shopping in crowded stores and the effin' carols!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Kitty Picture

Because the apartment is still a mess, here's a cat picture to make up for the downtime ;P This is Nivek taking a nap on some curtains piled on top of flattened boxes.

Sunday, 25 November 2012


It might take a few days until I find the time to do a decent post, and this is why! There's so much stuff piled everywhere ;P

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Orchid Is Blooming

The orchid I got from the supermarket early this summer is blooming! I'm usually totally useless with flowers, but the orchid and I really hit it off. This is the second time it blooms and now it has even more flowers than the first time.

We are moving on Friday and the apartment is a mess, most of the stuff is packed already and the cats love piles of boxes. They climb up on top of the boxes to take naps! I'm hoping our wallpaper will arrive on Tuesday so there would be enough time to put it up before the move, but we'll see. I still have some Christmas cards to paint and a flyer to design, but my other half will handle the last of the packing, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm so happy everything is almost done, moving house is so stressful! 

Möttönen hiding in the kitchen shelf.

I hope the kitties will be fine with the new apartment! They haven't been too stressed with the packing, especially Möttönen is really enjoying herself. We have boxes that come flat, and as soon as you fold out a box, Möttönen will jump right in the check it out ;)

I might not be able to update the next few days, but I promise nice pics of the new home next weekend!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mini Photoshoot!

Last night me and my friend Jukka had a mini photoshoot. He had some extra time and wanted to try out his new green screen and a white background. I had totally forgotten and packed almost all my makeup already, but luckily a few eyeshadows were still left on my vanity! These pics are taken by Jukka and edited by me.

I had also packed almost all of my clothes, but came up with an idea to wear my new winter coat. I got it on Tuesday, because I was cold in my leather jacket and my fluffy winter coat is still too warm for this time of year. So, off to H&M I went, and they had most coats on discount! This one was -50% so I paid under 30 euros for it. Seems like a good price, since it's half wool :) I made up my mind in the shop under a minute on which coat I want, because this one is almost identical to a coat I had to throw away the winter before the last one. It was my favourite coat and I'd had it for years, it was so worn out I just couldn't fix it any more. So this new one was perfect for me, like meeting an old friend! The only differences are that this one has buttons, my last coat didn't, and there's some blue in the fake fur collar (but it really doesn't show that much!). I think it suits me well since I'm so small on the chest department, I can easily pile on ruffles and fur to get some more stuff up there ;P

This is my rock 'n' roll pose ;D

The Death Star is lovely ;P

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Louis The Arachnid Look

I had a little more time than usual in the morning, so I decided to put on eyeshadow to brighten my day! This is what I came up with.

I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sugarpill Tako (matte white, inner corners and brow bone)
Detrivore Cosmetics Arachnid (shimmery warm pink, on the lid)
Antoinette's Revolution Louis (dark purple with a blue sheen, in the crease)
p2 100% black gel eyeliner
Black mascara

I think the look came out quite nice, although a lighter pink might have been a better choice. What do you think?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Planning The New Place

We have been busy planning what to do with the new apartment. Currently we are painting the floor of the bedroom white, building a book shelf and putting wallpaper on one wall.

Choosing the wallpaper was super hard! We ordered samples twice and went to two stores to look at wallpapers, and eventually settled for a grey one with unicorns, tea kettles and fancy swirls. It's called Truly Great and it's by Albany, we ordered it from here. We still need to go and buy a suitable glue and other things to get it on the wall, but I'm very happy with the pattern. I would have chosen something more colourful, like red or turquoise or gold, but my other half liked this more and I think it will suit the place well.

As for the book shelf, we wanted to ditch the old dark wood imitation shelves we had, because they were quite low and a lot of space was wasted. The new apartment has higher ceilings, so we decided to build a shelf so we can make it the height we need. This is the plan. We are only making one shelf by stacking two Expedit units on top of each other, it should be enough for all our books.

Picture from Ikea Hackers.

We also got new mattresses from Ikea, and some shelves to go on the foyer walls to get some storage space for all our shoes ;P

We are moving in a week and half, and I've already packed all the books and some other stuff that's not often used, so I think it's going great! We should have plenty of time to renovate and pack the rest of the stuff, and sell the furniture we no longer need.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Spiky Liberty

Last night we celebrated a friend's birthday. It was a small party, and I was exhausted after spending the day picking wallpaper and paint for the new apartment, so I didn't dress fancy. Had lots of fun! Me and my other half will fix the b-day girl's sofa and build a taller cat tree as a present ;P

A cool hair band!
I had gotten a new hair band earlier in the week. It's by the designer Tiia Vanhatapio and made for Seppälä stores. I was disappointed when the collection was available in only a few stores and none in the city I live in. Luckily there was the web shop! The shipping was too expensive for my taste, and you couldn't order stuff to any Seppälä store, but I really wanted the headband so I gave it a go anyway.

The band is very soft and not too heavy, so it's very comfortable to wear. And I think it's very pretty, too! The gunmetal spikes look nice and the leather (I have to admit I don't know if it's real leather, but I don't think so) is soft and black.

I'm wearing MAC Shale and Maybelline tint gloss in Timeless Plum.
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