Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Steampunk in the Steam Engine Museum, part 2

More Steam Engine Museum pictures! I didn't even anticipate how nice these would turn out thanks to the coloured lights! The first two pictures are of my "Rosie the Riveter" outfit and it's such a shame you can't see the shoes, since those were borrowed and about two sizes too small for me ;D I basically just laid the shoes on the floor and stood tiptoe in them during the shoot. Not at all comfy, but the things I do for a well put together look...

The dress is flea market find, the harness from PunkRave and the weird apron/bustle thing used to be a wrap-around skirt before I got my hands on it and sewed a bustle of it for another outfit. The goggles I borrowed from my other half.

Photographer: Top Focus
Outfit, make-up, model: Me
Hair: Anniina Eskelinen (Anniina_e)

The next one is of my copper Victorian outfit. I was first a bit hesitant of going with my own hair instead of a wig, but I think it worked very well in the end. The pink gives a little more character to the picture, if I had worn a dark brown wig, basically everything would have been brown. And it's not like I can pass as a Victorian lady with my sleeve tattoo ;D By the way, I got the top of the tattoo fixed in the summer to have a little prettier lace on the top part. The old lace had gone kinda mushy, so it needed a touch up, and now it's perfect!

Photographer: Top Focus
Outfit, make-up, model: Me
Hair: Anniina Eskelinen (Anniina_e)

Photographer: Mika Suvanto (MS Photo Art)
Outfit, make-up, model: Me
Hair: Anniina Eskelinen (Anniina_e)

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Rhinestones, Rhinestones, Rhinestones

Since I didn't know what to do with all the time I had on my first day alone at home in forever, I decided to continue on a craft project. I got the most wonderful made-to-measure underbust corset and skirt made to me by Liisa of Ihmemaassa and I wanted to make some accessories of the left over fabric. I'll do a photoshoot when I have the time (and photographer), but having an outfit is naturally the starting point. Liisa and I chose the fabric so that I could adorn the corset with rhinestones when it was finished, and so I did. I have to say I didn't know how much work it would be, but since I was itching to give my new hot fix tool a go, I can now say that yes, it does work wonderfully.

So I hotfixed about a million rhinestones on the corset and then decided it needs pasties and a little hat go with it. I had seen a rhinestoned skull somewhere on the internet (I'm sorry, I can't find the picture any more!) and wanted to see how that would work. I conveniently had a resin cat skull replica that had yellowed quite badly, so it needed some work anyway. The skull is a bit heavy for a hat, but I'll see how it works and adjust. This hat is quite different from what I usually make, higher and has less feathers and veiling, but I felt the shape of the pasties replicated in the hat might work well.

The pasties are my first try ever, I think I did well! They have a foam layer at their core and are coated in fabric attached with hot glue. I specifically ordered little tassels just for the pasties, as they didn't feel finished when I had added stones.

Now I just have to set up the shoot, but I'm pretty sure it will be awesome with this oufit! Can't wait!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Halloween Photos!

I promised the full body photo of my Halloween/Samhain costume and here it is! We had the lovely Eliza Rask Photography handling the photo booth and the results are awesome, as usual. Go and check all the other costumes on Facebook via this link! The outfits were gorgeous!

I'm home alone for the first time in ages. My husband is having his ankle operated and will have to spend a couple of nights in the hospital. Then some weeks in a cast and finally the ordeal should be done with. He broke his ankle almost a year ago and it didn't heal properly, but hopefully now everything will be fine. Send us good thoughts!

Satan's bride. The dress is second hand as is the veil. The tiara is a necklace
I attached with wire on a headband and the horns are plastic costume horns from eBay.

All the DJs of the evening! Aren't we terrifying? ;D

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Steampunk in the Steam Engine Museum, part 1

I've had a great photoshoot weekend! First we had a little workshop type of event on Saturday at a local steam engine museum with three models and three photographers. Then on Sunday I went to shoot with TiinaMoi in a park.

The first pictures from the first shoot already arrived and I'm blown away, they are simply great!

Photographer: Lauri Majamaa (Studio Majamaa)
Outfit, make-up, model: Me
Hair: Anniina Eskelinen (Anniina_e)

Photographer: Mika Suvanto (MS Photo Art)
Outfit, make-up, model: Me
Hair: Anniina Eskelinen (Anniina_e)

I had two outfits, as you can see. The first one was my copper orange Victorian dress with a little hat, long gloves and lots of pearls, and the second one is supposed to be what a steampunk mechanic might look like (I like Kaylee in Firefly, so that's what I was going for). The museum even had wrenches available for anyone who wanted to take a photo with some as props ;D I love how different the outfits are and also how different the pictures taken by different photographers can be. I really love workshops, you get so much done in a short time! It was wonderful to have Anniina to assist me with dressing and she did my hair perfectly. A half-up do for the Victorian outfit and a messy curly up do for the mechanic.

If you are ever in Tampere and are interested in steam machines, stop by Werstas museum! They have Finland's largest steam engine in its original location and the whole museum is free of charge.

Thanks to everyone involved, I had lots of fun and the pictures are great! I'll post more when the rest are done!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Metallic Olive Nails with Stamps

I have been trying to grow off the rough surface left by acrylic nails and now my own nails are finally in a shape I like. I'm a fan of long nails, but way too lazy to get acrylics touched up often enough. My own nails grow brittle, but using nail oil often seems to do the trick and moisturizes enough so the nails can grow. I have and expensive Essie nail oil, but my favourite is a super cheap essence oil that comes with a little doe foot applicator. It's called Caring Nail Oil and I've gone through about four bottles in a couple of years. I used to think I needed strengthening nail products to make my nails harder, but it turned out they were actually just very dry and broke off easily. Using oil makes my nails more elastic, so instead of breaking, they bend.

The polish on the nails is Gone Glamping by China Glaze. It's an interesting shade which I would call metallic olive. It shifts between olive, green and a light copper, but mostly looks olive-ish. The shade is cool and the shimmer is silvery rather than gold. I wore the plain polish for one day, but it's so light that I felt it needed some spicing up. I happened to have a MoYou London stamping plate called Gothic 3 that I had not had the time to try, so I pulled it out and basically wanted to try all of the patterns! So I did a collection of different stamps just to see which I liked best. In the end the arabesque and a lacy skull pattern were my faves, but all of the stamps were quite nice. The stamping was done with Konad stamping polish and a clear jelly stamper.

Roses with fishnet and a lace skull, perfect stamps for me!

The lovely arabesque stamp. In this one you can also make out the resin
cat skull I'm holding!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Revenge of the Snow Queen

I had almost forgotten there were a couple more pictures of my Snow Queen outfit taken with Eliza Rask. I still remember how cold it was to shoot outside, but that's maybe because it's right now colder in Finland than it's been this time of year in over 70 years. Brrrr!

Photographer: Eliza Rask
Model, styling, make-up: Me

With these pictures I also want to celebrate that I was accepted in The Alternative Model Directory! It's an international community for alternative models. I'm most excited about workshops and collaborations they organize, so I'm very happy to have been accepted and look forward to many wonderful projects!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Halloween Dress Up!

You might easily guess that I'm a fan of Halloween! I like dressing up, I love masquerades and theme parties, anything that gets my creative juices going. This year I didn't have much energy to prepare, so I opted to re-use an old costume. When I have a blood-drenched wedding gown in my closet, I very much intend to wear it as often as possible!

As usual, I was organizing the Club Underworld and Bella Morte Samhain party. This might be the last time with this team, but maybe then there's something completely new next year! This was the sixth party, so our team has done more than our share making sure that goths can enjoy Samhain in a beautifully decorated place with good music and company :)

A huge thanks to everyone who attended! The costumes were fabulous, as usual, and the burlesque performances by the gorgeous Bella von Wolfkill seemed like the perfect addition to the evening.

But yes, my dress! In 2013 I found a very nice old wedding dress at a charity shop. It had HUGE puffed sleeves, a mermaid silhouette and tons of beading, sequins and lace. So the perfect base for some fake blood! Here you can find pictures of the original dress.

So I spattered tons of fake blood on it (and our bathroom) and the dead bride was born. The dress came with a medium veil, which also got a spattering of blood. The first time I wore the dress, I accidentally glued it to my skin with the fake blood and had hell of a time trying to get out of it when I got home in the early morning hours ;D After that it's been easier, as I have not added any more blood but just let the old fake blood dry and kept it as it is. I also learned that I really, really want to buy the non-sticky fake blood in the future!

This Samhain was the third time I took the dress for a spin, and it worked perfectly. It's just the right length on me with my favourite heels, not too hot to wear, and even though it's a tiny bit snug on my bottom, the top fits very well (I actually took it a bit in when I first got the dress, I don't know how the original owner has been able to move without toppling with that kind of boobage ;D). I came up with Satan's Bride in 2014 and went with that again. Horns + upside down crosses + dark makeup = awesome!

Photo by Ari Rantanen
I don't yet have the photo booth pictures, but these give a good general idea of the costume. Samhain/Halloween is a tricky time to get decent pictures of outfits, but that is why we arranged for a photo booth for guests, so they can document their awesome creations!

If you want to see more pictures of the evening and the guests, here's a link to the event's Facebook album.
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