Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Horned and Hooded

I recently bought a pvc hood from Artifice Clothing. I spend a long time pondering what colour to get, and finally decided to go wild and get pink one! Pink is a tricky colour to shop online, since it's hard to show it accurately. But I was in luck and I think the shade works very well with my hair. I've been thinking of pink hair lately, but I like the current colour too.

I've also been wanting horns ;P I made small horns from polymer clay and sewed then on a headband. I might add some flowers to go with them, or do a different set, I'm not sure if the shape is just right.

And an extra picture of me getting a hair out of my mouth ;D My diligent photographer documented this lovely moment.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Kawaii Ichigo Look

Once again I took inspiration from a look shared by Sugarpill! This time it was by kawaii_ichigo_makeup on Instagram. I had trouble getting the shades to look as pastel as in her picture, but I think my camera didn't pick up the pastel effect very well and it affected the result. I did three different versions, each a little bit closer to the original look. I'm not wearing false lashes since it's super hot and I'm going out, they would feel awkward.

1st version, with too little purple and not so pastel.

2nd version, with more purple and blue in the crease.

2nd version still.

3rd version, lightly dusted with matte white and blended.

3rd version with eye closed.
The colours used are all Sugarpill. Starting from the inner corner: Buttercupcake (yellow), Mochi (light turquoise), Velocity (medium blue), and on the crease and lower lid Poison Plum (purple) and Dollipop (pink). Tako (white) to blend it all and lightly applied on top of the colours to make them more pastel toned.

Full face with the third iteration of the look!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Outfit of the Day

Finland is hit by a heat wave! It's so hot I almost would like to go to work just to experience the air conditioning at the office ;D Instead my other half and I walked to the Nepalese restaurant to pick up some delicious food (fish with a butter and cream sauce is my absolute favourite! and ate ice lollies at home. We would have visited the beer festival, but they had a queue outside in the scorching sun.

Dress - Black Milk Burned Velvet Evil Cheerleader Dress 2.0
Shrug - GinaTricot
Boots - Unif High Trench

I couldn't find my sandals anywhere! They must be in the attic buried somewhere. The shrug was meant to offer at least a little bit of protection from the sun, but I wore sunscreen also. I put my hair in pigtails because it seemed to be the best way to get the mass of hair as far from my scalp as possible ;D

Outfit of the Day

Yesterday I wore a simple black dress. I was supposed to get my eyes lasered to get rid of my glasses, but turns out the only eyedrops that suit me are currently out of stock in the whole country and no one knows when more will arrive. I'm disappointed, but I just have to wait some more. I became allergic to contact lens solution and I just hate glasses and feel like wearing bright eyeshadow with glasses doesn't suit my face. I had dreamed of a summer with decent sunglasses and going to WGT without having to pack the only daily lenses that suit my eyes. Poop. And the fact that they only let me know when I was already at the clinic and they had done all the examinations, I'd just have gone to work normally if I'd known!

Dress - H&M
Boots - Unif High Trench

I'm really bad at waiting, but I hope the eye drops become available fast so I can finally be rid of the glasses!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Now Animated!

I was looking around Blogger and found the G+ folder that stores all the pictures I've backed up from Picasa. I also noticed the service had an automatic function that created animated gifs from pictures that were similar enough. I usually take a bunch of pictures but only use a few in the blog, but the folder had the full sets which made the animation really come to life. Here's a few!

A few posing pictures...

This one ends with a bum shot ;D

This was my makeup look for a glow in the dark party!
My nails were painted with glow in the dark polish so they needed to show.

Full face shots.

My other half and I at a winter wedding.

Möttönen yawning!

Drinking kitties. Mör likes to drink from the watering can.

Ocean Gypsy photoshoot.
What do you think? Are animated gifs fun or not! I know I sure had fun browsing the automated animations ans checking all the photos G+ decided needed snowfall animation ;D

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Outfit of the Day

Today I wore another Black Milk dress straight from the package. It arrived yesterday and I wanted to try it on as soon as possible (I also spilled yoghurt on the dress I wore yesterday ;P).

Dress - Black Milk Burned Velvet Evil Cheerleader Dress 2.0
Tights - Backstreet
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Big Lita

The dress is size M, the lace one is an S, and they feel very different. It seems that the Burned Velvet dress has the waistline higher, but then again it could be the larger size. I got a size bigger since the lace dress' sleeves sometimes ride up my shoulders, but the shoulder area seems to be cut the same way. I guess it's just what pole dancing does to you, too much muscle to fit into sleeves ;D

I like how soft and stretchy the fabric is, and it isn't as sheer as I thought. In the pictures I'm wearing just a regular bra and a black pantyhose under the dress and it really doesn't show. I'm already dreaming of the burned velvet maxi dress, maybe one day I'll get that one!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Free Shipping on Bones & Lilies Etsy Shop!

Now is the time to get some jewellery! Get free shipping to anywhere in the world with the code SPRING14 on my Etsy shop. I'm clearing space for new, exciting projects! The code is valid until 30th of May.

Outfit of the Day

I wore this to just pop out to check what H&M had on sale. I was lucky and they had plenty of flower hair clips on discount, I always buy a pile of them when they are cheap so I can use them for hats! This time they even had very nice colours, purple and black. Other than that I just got some very basic clothing items, black t-shirts and plain black dresses to wear at the office.

Dress - Zombie Hands by Darkside (second hand)
Jacket - Guess Jeans (second hand)
Boots - Big Lita by Jeffrey Campbell (second hand)

Everything but the pantyhose is second hand ;D The jacket is my sister's old one, the dress and the shoes from a Facebook flea market. I noticed the blue shade of the jacket was very close to the blue on the printed dress, so I think they worked well together. It's quite hot today, so a short sleeved jacket was enough.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Outfit of the Day

Yesterday there would have been plenty of stuff to do around the city, but I wasn't interested and stayed home making horns for a headdress or two. In the evening my other half and I popped out to have some sangria on a terrace and then headed out to a friend's birthday party. This is what I wore!

Dress - Black Milk Evil Cheerleader Lace Dress
Underdress - H&M (the teal one that you can see through the lace)
Boots - Unif High Trench
Earrings - By me

Friday, 16 May 2014

Inglot Gel Liners Swatches

On my mini trip to Helsinki I visited an Inglot store and bought three gel eyeliners. The shades are 74, a plum purple, 87, turquoise, and 72, pink.

My main reason for getting these babies was to do colourful brows. I've done my brows with just black for years, and it gets boring. Mixing eyeshadow with mixing medium to make it a liner each morning would be too cumbersome, and pencil eyeliners don't stay put on my brow area.

Sadly one of the liner pots was missing the seal and had dried. I naturally only noticed it when home, over 200 kilometres from the Inglot store. It's the pink one, you can see how much less product it seems to hold, and it had separated a bit, thus there's grains on the surface. I emailed them and they sent me a new one very fast, so I'd say the customer service was excellent.

The pictures above were taken in artificial light and they look too warm on my screen.

The purple, 74, is a red based plum purple. It's the thinnest in consistency, I needed two coats to make it opaque. If you apply another coat while the previous is still moist, the brush will take the lower layer with it. If you let the liner dry thoroughly, the next coat applies easily.

72, pink, is quite warm and not as bright as in my pictures. I was planning to try how it works as a lipstick, since the shade might not work with my skintone as a liner.

87, the turquoise, is my favourite of the bunch. It's opaque with one coat and matches my hair perfectly! In my pictures its more blue than in real life. The consistency is perfect, I can draw my brows with a few strokes.

The liners last very well on skin. They don't smudge or crumble, and washing with soap doesn't take them off, you need an oil-based make-up remover. I'm not sure how tightly the pots close, so drying might be an issue, but I can't say yet. There's a generous amount of product in each pot and I heard that if they do dry, you can use Inglot's Duraline mixing medium to give them more moisture.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Going Out

Just a quick post, I'm going out to eat and listen to some good music in a few minutes! I got my new Femme Fatale shadows yesterday and tried them today. The shade I tried wasn't to my liking after all, so I just padded another purple on top of it and put on some lipstick to make it all better. Notice my new eyebrow colour!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Outfit of the Day

Tiina of Rogue made me crossbone printed hotpants and a top in exchange for some money. She posted a picture of a pair of hotpants on her blogand they looked like just what I wanted: easy to wear, soft fabric, and with a cool print. Then when she posted the top, I just had to make an order! I asked the my top to be a bit different: while I loved the hood, the length looked like it might need a belt on me or look funny with the short skirts I like to wear. I asked Tiina to make me a cropped version, and she immediately caught on to what I meant.

Both pieces are perfect! I joked that it felt like I was at the office today with no pants on since the hotpants are so comfortable ;D

The cap sleeves are part of the top I wore beneath the hooded top. The cross bone top has a low cut scowl neck so you need something underneath. The pants have a normal waist, so they sit a few centimetres below the natural waistline.

The cropped top has a big hood. The fabric is soft and not too thick for it to make hard to hear things. I have a few of those types of hoods and they make life interesting ;P

Please ignore the phenomenal amount of cat hair on my ass. I was apparently sitting in Möttönen's favourite spot on the sofa ;D

The shoes are Big Litas by Jeffrey Campbell, my newest pair. Second hand, thought.

This one shows off my finished tattoo nicely! I got the colours done for the forearm yesterday. The shades are so bright and vibrant, just what I wanted.

You can see the pattern (and the cat hair) better on the back.

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