Monday, 29 September 2014

Outfit of the Day

Today I wore warm things, it's cruelly cold outside and I had to walk around the city a bit. I don't want to get my winter clothing out just yet, it's supposed to be getting a bit warmer soon!

Cardigan - H&M
Top - Bones and Lilies x Rogue by Tiina Ulkuniemi
Jeans - BikBok
Boots - Unif High Trench

I'm so happy with the new hair, it's much more edgy and defined than my old cut! I'm going to try how it looks curled soon :)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Demo Scene Party Outfit

Yesterday I got to play some music at a Demo Scene party. I've been there before and they asked me to play game music, which is always fun! It's a treat to spend time planning the playlist, remembering all the games I've played and what were the most memorable music moments in them. All the memories come flooding back when you hear the music! And at the event people know and love the games, there's always a great atmosphere and everyone is enjoying themselves.

Shrug - Lip Service Matte
Dress - H&M
Belt - Second hand
Leggings - Kill Star Occult Leggings
Boots - Big Lita by Jeffrey Campbell

I wanted to dress down a bit from my usual club outfits, since this was a different event, small and more down-to-earth, no dancing but rather people chatting about games and demos while drinking delicious beverages. Thus the simple dress and leggings.

This one just to show off my hair! Ordered two very reasonably priced hair falls from eBay on hot pink, and they match my hair very well. It was so easy to just tie my hair in a ponytail, curl the ends and pop both of the falls on top of the ponytail. They have gorgeously curled ends so no finishing touches were needed, other than popping a few flowers in there to hide the ribbons that someone has chosen to be light beige in pink falls. I might have to sew in new ones later on. I'm thinking of perhaps getting another pair and backcombing them for very easy big hair styles. I could just make my own, but recently I've been so busy and/or tired that I'm willing to pay some money for easy hairstyling and not having to spend my own time making it!

And just for fun, here's my playlist and which games the music is from, plus my fondest memory of the game or why I chose just that song!

Diablo 3 theme - I've been playing Diablo 3 like crazy lately, I got the Marauder set for my Demon Hunter (who is awesome because she hunts demons wearing high heels ;D) and have been enjoying the new Greater Rifts.

Gabriel Knight 3 Love Theme - I really like games that have a well written story, and Gabriel Knight series is a great example of that. While the games feel a bit old fashioned and clunky these days, the suspense of playing them is still something I remember very well. Gabriel is a great character and I'd say he was written with the female audience in mind, even when many male players enjoy the games too. There's a new addition to the series coming soon.

Fall-from-Grace Theme - This one is from Planescape: Torment, so far my all-time favourite game. All the characters had their own theme songs and I really loved Fall-from-Grace, a succubus who had decided to quit succubus-ing and do other things instead, but was hindered by her past and people's prejudices.

Tifa's Theme - Tifa is a great character and Final Fantasy 7 is an excellent game, so why not. Plus it fits very well with the previous song's sounds and helps move on the next one.

Diablo Tristram Theme - From the very first Diablo. I remember playing it at a friends' place, where they had their computer in a dark corner under the stairs. The loading times were horrible, but we would sit and wait patiently for the twenty or so minutes for the next level to load ;D Also spontaneous multiplayer was fun: with two people playing one has the mouse and hacks at enemies, the other only looks at the health globe and drinks potions with number keys when health goes too low. It's a team effort!

The Last Battle - Michael Hoenig - Baldur's Gate was one of the games I spend hundreds of hours with. The fantasy setting and possibility to explore the world where things that appealed to me and still do. This piece is from the final battle in the game, which for me was a disappointment. It had been optimized for people who follow the main plotline and take a few detours. I had explored EVERYTHING before I went to the end battle, which was then too easy for my level.

The Betrayal - Inon Zur - Dragon Age: Origins is a fairly new game, but reminded me of Baldur's Gates and got me to really play for hours and hours. I had such a crush on Alistair but he turned out to be a dick in the end if you played with a female city elf, which I had unfortunately chosen ;P

Bioshock - Welcome to Rapture - Bioshock has a great world, the lost 1940's city of Rapture and all the things the player encounters there make for great stories.

Caesar III - Rome - Sierra's city builder series really hit the spot for me. Historical city building in different settings? Sold! I played Caesar and Zeus, the one with ancient greek setting, and Pharaoh which was set in ancient Egypt. This music would play when your city was very large, and it always felt like a great reward.

Darnassus (City Theme) - World of Warcraft has gotten so many hours of my life ;D I really loved the world and how the different areas had their own styles both visually and with sounds, making the different cultures feel real. My first character was a Night Elf hunter, so I visited Darnassus a lot.

Sigil Battle - From Planescape: Torment. Battle music really gets your adrenaline going ;D

The Chosen - Silicon Knights - Eternal Darkness - I played this one on a borrowed GameCube when I was working as a playtester with mobile games. Despite the slightly kitsch-y name the game was a great story of lovecraftian horror with a nice female protagonist. My absolutely favourite part was the sanity effects: if your sanity got too low, the game would do all kinds of weird things, like the character would just explode or appear to shrink suddenly. But my all time favourite sanity effect was the one where it appeared that the game started to delete your saved games ;D Talk about a shock!

Castle Towns - Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - This game had a nice fantasy theme and I loved the turn-based playing style it offered. I took my time to learn how to play one team, it was the one with knights and castles, so I've spend a lot of time listening this songs that always played while you were in your city selecting what to do next.

One Winged Angel - This is just a great song! It's Sephiroth's theme from Final Fantasy 7.

Baldur's Gate Tavern - Playing music in a bar naturally requires tavern music ;P So this one is from the first Baldur's Gate.

Easy Driver - Transport Tycoon - The countless hours I spent playing Transport Tycoon were dotted with this very annoying song occasionally playing.

Star Control 2 Hyperspace - This one was a request.

Last Ninja Central Park Loader Theme - This one was a request.

Megaman 3 Snake man - This one was a request.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

New Hairstyle!

I was yearning to get a new look, so I grabbed scissors and a hair trimmer and gave it a go. I'm quite happy with the result! It's more edgy and I think it makes my cheekbones show better, and I do like my cheekbones :)

Shaved side and only a tiny tuft of hair in front of the ear!

There's some dye left on my scalp so the edge of the undercut looks fuzzy in the picture.
I'm liking the shade of Elumen's pink, but I might add some blue or purple to the dye. My hair does have these shades from previous dye experiments so mixing the dye for the roots would help them blend in better. I was super lazy and tried if the Elumen would stick to my natural hair colour, and it did! Right now it creates a nice gradient effect where the unbleached roots are a bit darker than the rest of the hair, but I will have to bleach them at some point because the pink comes out a bit muted on natural hair. But for quick root fixes just putting Elumen on without bleaching works fine!

I didn't let Magnus take his nap in piece ;D He loves the new cat tree we got for him. It's for the other cats too, but Magnus is so hyper active that he chases the others if he doesn't have enough stimulation, so the tree was chosen especially so that he can run up and down it.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen Review

I needed some new lovely things after being sick (and very frugal! I only shopped at the pharmacy getting medicine ;D) for half of the month. So I made an order to Cherry Culture and got some Nyx lip thingies to make me happy.

This is Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Copenhagen. It's a dark wine red that can be worn with just one layer for a slightly lighter look and here I've put on two thin layers.

Soft Matte Lip Cream on the right.

As the name says the product is matte. At first I thought I didn't like it, because I applied it and waited for the few minutes that it usually takes for liquid matte lippies to set. After that time the shade still wasn't right, it was lighter than in product pictures, and the product had a slight sheen and was very prone to smudging and leaving prints everywhere my lips touched.

A few minutes after application. Notice how the shade is lighter and there's a sheen, it's not matte.
Oh well, I thought, at least it was pretty cheap. But them after ten or so minutes, the product did actually set: the shade became darker, finish matte and it left only very light prints. After applying a second coat and letting it set too the finish was gorgeous, dark and truly matte.

The second thing that really impressed me was the staying power. I went through a day at work, quick visit to the university and a sushi lunch with only minimal wear in the center of the lips!

Unlike many of my other long lasting lip products, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream is quite light on the lips and doesn't wear of in small pieces. It's one of the most comfortable long lasting lippies I've tried and Copenhagen is a very dramatic shade, just my style!


+Large selection of shades
+Very comfortable to wear for a long lasting product
+Easy to apply with the doe foot applicator it comes with
+Can be layered for a darker look
+Only minimal smudging
+Very long lasting


-Takes some time to set
-Hard to apply evenly when layering if lower layer isn't totally dry
-Availability, Nyx is not sold in Finland to my knowledge
-Can get you in the mood for travelling (I want to go to Copenhagen! :D)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Outfit of the Day

Here's what I wore today! I've been a bit tired lately, my body is still recovering from the pneumonia. It makes me crazy when there's so much interesting things to do and see ;D I've just been working from home, so no fancy stuff, just regular home clothes that work well for sitting on the comp. The project I'm working on is at a very interesting stage so I'm happy to drink tea and do work from the comfort of my home instead of dragging myself to the office and being exhausted there, I'd rather use all my energy on the project!

Cardigan - GinaTricot
Top - H&M
Skirt - Seppälä

You can't really see but I'm wearing cute ballerina shoes I got from a very glamorous and luxurious shop - Lidl ;D I paid six euros and they are a great pair of shoes! Easy to wear, comfortable and with nice rivet details. I'm always on the lookout for shoes that look nice, are quick and easy to wear and work with my style. That's mostly because I wouldn't want to take the time to put on New Rocks to take out the trash ;D

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Outfit of the Day

Of the last three days, actually ;P I had a very productive Sunday but not too busy. My other half was out playing airsoft so I got the apartment all to myself. I worked on my thesis, did some versions of posters for an upcoming event, dyed my hair and soaked my feet in hot water while watching reality shows on Netflix. And there's still time to play some Sims 4!

Leggings - Kill Star Occult Leggings
Dress - H&M
Boots - New Rock (I just grabbed a pair, didn't go outside in these today)

I ordered the leggings together with the egyptian themed maxi dress I showed off earlier. They are very nice to wear and easy to combine with solid color tops and dresses. The sizing was a bit interesting, though. I chose M-L size because the other option would have been XS-S, which sounded a bit too snug. I like my leggings comfy. When the packet arrived, the leggings said L on the pouch they were packed in, which made me worried. But when I tried them on the size was spot on! I usually wear an S, so for anyone looking into these leggings, definitely go a size up if possible.

PS. I must be a genius since I was too lazy for eye make-up and just popped on a pair of sunglasses instead ;D

Thursday, 18 September 2014

DJ'ing Pic

Just a quick snap from last Friday. I wasn't feeling too hot, but decided to do some DJ'ing anyway since the club I help to organize was taking place basically downstairs from our home. I'm not sure if it was a wise choice, I took a four hour nap the next day on top of a full night's sleep, but people seemed to enjoy themselves and it's always nice to see your friends happy! The other organizers did a great job and handled most of the work so I could just pop in to play some music and go back home to sleep.

Photo by Ari Rantanen

Notice the clever use of a headband to conceal my roots and the shrug that hides basically everything else, like the fact I forgot to put a necklace on ;D And that's a ten minute smoky eye I did after taking yet another nap. I would have liked to stay and chat with friends, but healing is more important so next time then. I already missed a fetish event because of the pneumonia, now I'll recover and go to all the parties I want to!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sleepy Hollow, Javan Rhino and Venus Look

Yesterday evening I saw the lovely Luna of Toxid-Lotus post her wonderful look and boy was I inspired! In addition to going shopping for a few colours she used, I did a look today that has kind of the same feel to it, but it's a bit lighter and done with things I had available right away.

I used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Fyrinnae Sleepy Hollow (dark teal, in the crease)
Fyrinnae Javan Rhino (bright baby blue with a hint of turquoise ans a pink sheen, on the outer part of the lid and on lower lash line)
Moi Minerals Venus (medium shimmery pink, on the inner part of the lid and lower lid below the lash line)
Sugarpill Tako (matte white, on inner corners and brow bone)
Kohl pencil
Black gel liner
Black mascara
Inglot gel liner in purple (on brows)

I've been practising with liner and I think I'm getting a lot better with it! My problem is very blonde lashes, while mascara helps with the tips and lengths, the roots are hard to get black. For this look I applied kohl to the upper water line (basically drawing with the kohl pencil on the strip of skin below your upper lashes) and patted gel liner between the lashes with a small brush before lining the upper lid. The inner upper corner is done with the kohl pencil, but gel might have been a better choice to give less feathering.

And smiley full face shot! I'm wearing Sephora cream lip stain to go with the brows.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

700 Readers Giveaway!

Here's what I got for you guys to celebrate 700 readers!

1. Essence nail art dotting tool. It has two different sized ends for the perfect little dots on your nails (or for making suction cups for tiny polymer clay tentacles!). I have a similar tool and have liked it, but this one is naturally brand new.

2. Two essence glitter polishes. 03 Glitz & Glam has rose pink glitter and a very unique green shimmer base. Works as a topcoat or on it's own with a few layers. 01 Pixie Dust is a topcoat with white sheen that shifts to pink. Very pretty!

3. This is Gothic Rock vol 1 compilation. This CD has a collection of new and older goth bands, mainly is the classic gothic rock style. I'm very fond of it, and not only because my other half's band is on it, but it's just the style of music I love. 

Glitz & Glam and Pixie Dust.

Tracklist of This is Gothic Rock vol 1.
To participate in the giveaway you need to do the following:

1. Follow my blog. Write on your comment how you follow it. (Google friends connect, Facebook, Bloglovin...)
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what type of posts are your favourite.
3. Leave your email address in the comment also, so I can contact you easily if you are fortune's favourite!

The giveaway is open until 30.9.2014 and it's open internationally. Good luck!

All prices are purchased by me, no sponsors involved.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Outfit of the Day

I'm on my feet again! Thanks so much for all the well-wishes, they meant a lot to me :) Pneumonia is a nasty illness, I'm still super tired and need a nap after doing anything. Still, I'm feeling a lot better than a week ago, so I'm not complaining.

Belt - Second hand
Dress - Magick Maxi Dress by Kill Star
Boots - Unif

I ordered this dress and a pair of leggings from Kill Star weeks ago, but the parcel sat untouched for some time while I mainly slept and lounged on the sofa watching TV. Now that I finally got to try the dress on, I really like it! Seems like I've lost some weight on my tea-and-soup diet because the belt has usually been pretty snug but now it's more comfy. Well, I did have a piece of cake for lunch so I'm working my way back to my normal weight ;D

My hair is out of control at the moment, faded and with overgrown bangs and undercut,
but at least I brushed it today and even put on some eyeshadow!

Monday, 8 September 2014

A Little Break

Just wanted to let you know that I'm not feeling too hot at the moment! I'm down with pneumonia and concentrating on healing well, thus the break with the blog will continue for a while. I finally have the right medication and am feeling much better than last week, so things are starting to go like they should :) Here's a picture of napping Magnus so this wont all be boring stuff!

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