Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Better Together Eyeshadow Palette + Mascara + Liner

Stockholm was good to me! The previous time I was there, I looked at this Too Faced x Kat von D set that was slightly discounted, but decided not to get it. It bugged me later, and I decided to go look the next time in Sephora if they still had it. Not only did they, but it was even cheaper! So I just had to buy it :>

The set has a full size Tattoo Liner in black, full size Better Than Sex mascara and a palette with two different sides that are held together by magnets, so you can easily take them apart if you want to use only one side.

The Too Faced side of the palette. Better Together is the perfect light smoky eye shade for pale skin!

Kat von D side of the palette.

I think the set was well worth the money. I paid around 27 euros for the set on discount, and even the Tattoo Liner alone would have cost about 20 euros. The mascara I sold, as my eyes water easily and water soluble mascara is really not an option. I've been using the Too Faced side of the palette quite a lot, and the Kat von D side looks very usable for evening and club looks too. I really like the design of the palette and the magnetic connection. Easy to use, nice looking and the shades are great!

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